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Before During & After Surgery

Whether you're scheduled for "same day" surgery or a more complex procedure that will require a longer stay at FMH, you can count on a set of streamlined steps and a group of very special people to make the experience - before, during and after surgery - as smooth and stress-free as possible. Once you and your doctor have decided on surgery at Frederick Memorial, one call to FMH from your physician's office will get things started smoothly and efficiently. FMH staff will be in touch with you to:

  • Arrange all of your pre-admission testing and procedures.
  • Schedule your appointment time(s).
  • Identify the FMH testing facility location that is the most convenient for you.
  • Begin gathering the necessary personal information for admissions and insurance forms.

Pre-Admission Screening

Several days before the procedure, a pre-admission screening nurse will call you to take a health history, including your height, weight, medications and food allergies. During this 10-15 minute call, the nurse may also ask you about any pre-operative tests you've had, and if you have consulted with any other medical specialists.

The day before your surgery, you'll want to do a few things to prepare for your surgical procedure.

Arriving at FMH

Upon arrival at FMH, a registrar will review your insurance documents, obtain signatures and copy your ID and insurance cards. When your patient file is complete, you will be accompanied to the Surgical Waiting Area.

Before Your Surgery

In the Surgical Waiting Area, you'll be greeted by an FMH staff member or one of the hospital Auxiliary's volunteers, and given a confidential ID number. The Surgical Waiting Room team will direct those who've accompanied you to where they can get coffee or snacks, and show them how to follow your progress using your ID number on the Patient Tracking Board.

While You're In Surgery

If you've ever waited for a loved one to come out of surgery, you know how tense those hours can be. To help minimize anxiety without compromising patient confidentiality, FMH has put a new system in place to communicate better with the families and friends of our surgical patients.

Once the patient is taken back to Pre-Op, his or her family can use the ID number to follow their progress through Pre-Op, the OR, PACU and Admit/Discharge.

"The waiting can definitely be stressful," said Maria Elena Fraley as she waited for her loved one. "This new Patient Tracking Board has changed the waiting room experience completely. Being able to look up and know where your loved one is in the process at all times is a huge improvement."

In Pre-Op

Once you are settled in Pre-Op, your nurse will attach your patient identification bracelet and perform a physical assessment. He or she will also start an IV and complete some additional medical documents required for your safety. Containers will be provided for your personal belongings, including your glasses, dentures and hearing aids.

Going to the OR

Before you are taken to the operating room, your anesthesiologist, surgeon, and Operating Room nurse will speak with you. For safety reasons, some information will be verified again. In the OR, you'll be wrapped in warming blankets and transferred to the OR table for the procedure.

Recovery & Discharge 

From the OR you will be moved to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). In PACU, a specially-trained nurse will monitor your vital signs, evaluate your pain level and address any post-surgical symptoms. Once you've met certain criteria, you and your caregiver will receive your discharge instructions in preparation for going home, or you will be moved to your room to rest and recover.



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