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Camp YesUCan

Camp YesUCan is a day camp for children, 7-11 years of age, who have chronic asthma. Campers learn about their asthma while participating in recreational activities. Topics include: Understanding how asthma affects them Learning how to manage asthma ...

Help Cut Down Germs on Hand Hygiene Day

Help Cut Down Germs on Hand Hygiene Day These days, it seems like there are endless factors you have to take into account when considering your overall health. There’s one tried and true tactic that has always been effective, however, and ...

Local Family Celebrates the Holiday Season with a Tradition of Giving

Children who visited the FMH Pediatric and Pediatric Emergency Department this holiday season received an extra special treat thanks to a recent donation from a local family. Brandi Balducci, a longtime employee of Frederick Memorial Hospital, is the ...