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Preparing to Go Home


As you prepare to leave the hospital and return home with your new baby, you may wonder if you'll be ready for the challenges of parenthood. Should a question or problem arise about caring for your baby or yourself --- feel free to call the BirthPlace. We will be providing a lot of information for you to take home, however our nurses understand what you're going through and can give you all of the health information, helpful hints, or reassurance you need.

When the doctor determines you are ready to go home, he or she will meet with you and review the discharge instructions specific for your self-care. The pediatrician will also meet with you and provide you with discharge instructions for your newborn. The mother-baby nurse will review all of the doctor's instructions and make certain to answer all of your questions and concerns prior to going home. Written instructions will also be provided. 

Upon discharge, you will be asked to validate and match your ID bracelet with your newborn's bracelet. At that time the security tag is removed from the newborn's ankle. For safety reasons, a wheelchair is necessary for you and your baby during the final discharge process. 



Car Safety Seats

Maryland's mandatory child safety seat law requires that you have a crash-tested, federally approved infant car seat to take your baby home. We strongly encourage you to bring your car safety seat to the hospital on the day of discharge. The Wellness Center at FMH participates in the Project KISS (Kids In Safety Seats) program and offers free car safety seat checks as well as low-cost rentals of infant car safety seats. We strongly encourage you to have your car safety seat checked prior to coming to the hospital to pick up your newborn. If you need assistance installing your safety seat properly, the BirthPlace has certified car safety seat installation experts who will help you.

Please refer to Wellness Center Safety & Injury Prevention or simply call them at (240) 379-6000.

Homecoming Visit

Upon discharge and with your physician order, the FMH Home Health Care Service may provide an experienced registered nurse who will come to the home to assess you and your baby's health. Please call (240) 566-3568 to arrange a visit. 



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