What does being an MD Anderson Cancer Network certified physician mean?

Whether you've been previously diagnosed, would like a second opinion or simply want to learn more, we're here for you. This collaboration provides certified physicians with access to evidence-based guidelines and treatment plans developed by MD Anderson experts. These are disease-specific guidelines for cancer treatment, prevention, early detection and follow-up care, bringing new hope to local patients.

FRHS's 13 participating, certified physicians include medical, surgical and radiation oncologists who treat cancer patients at their office locations and Frederick Memorial Hospital.

In addition to the best practices and expert resources, this affiliation brings to our cancer team, Frederick Regional Health System also provides specially trained nurse navigators and supportive programs free to anyone affected by cancer.

Participating Physicians

Medical Oncology
Dr. Patrick J. Mansky, Oncology Care Consultants
Dr. Elhamy D. Eskander, Oncology Care Consultants
Dr. Brian O'Connor, Oncology Care Consultants
Dr. Mark Goldstein, Oncology Care Consultants

Thoracic Surgery
Dr. Mark S. Soberman, Center for Chest Disease
Dr. Maurice Smith, Center for Chest Disease

Breast Surgery
Dr. Susan Bahl, Center for Breast Care

Radiation Oncology
Dr. Gregory Gagnon, FRHS Regional Cancer Therapy Center/Cyberknife
Dr. Meredith Wernick, FRHS Regional Cancer Therapy Center/Cyberknife

Surgical Oncology
Dr. John L. Zapas, Surgical Specialists
Dr. Jesus Esquivel, Surgical Specialists

Endocrine and Thyroid Specialist
Dr. N. Eric Carnell, Endocrine and Thyroid Specialists

Patients can talk to their doctor or call the James M Stockman Cancer Institute at 301-418-6465 for additional information.