Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Services

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Diabetes Patients

Do you have diabetes?
If you have diabetes, our staff will evaluate, educate and support you. The FMH Diabetes Program offers a 10-hour education program that includes:

  • An initial consult to evaluate and teach you how to better control your diabetes. You will also learn carbohydrate counting and blood sugar testing if needed.
  • Your second visit will be with a Dietitian who will help with meal planning and weight management.
  • Next you will enroll in our diabetes classes. These comprehensive classes will help you understand the different aspects of diabetes and teach you how to take control.
  • Individual diabetes education is available.

For patients with pre-diabetes, a one-on-one consult with a Dietitian will help you understand carbohydrate counting and meal planning. The purpose of this consult is to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Insurance coverage varies and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your insurance company regarding your benefits.

Gestational Diabetes
Our staff will assist you with diabetes during your pregnancy. You will have a consult with our specialists for carbohydrate counting and meal planning. It is important during your pregnancy to keep your blood sugar under control, and we are here to help you.

Nutrition and Weight Management Programs

Nutrition Counseling
Our dietitians are very skilled at helping patients with any specialty dietary needs. We work with health and lifestyle improvements, food and dietary allergy issues, eating disorders, sports and nutritional needs,oncology patients, and more! We also offer several specialty programs for weight management and work with patients before and after bariatric surgery for their specialty needs.

Healthy Weigh for Kids
The Healthy Weigh for Kids is a nutrition and weight management program designed to promote, teach and understand proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Behavioral and activity/fitness components to meet the needs of all patients and their families are emphasized.

Adult Weight Loss Programs
For adults ready to make the lifestyle changes to lose weight, we offer two options for weight loss programs. Both programs include weekly weigh-in and group education sessions, behavioral assessment and coaching and the assistance of a navigator in helping you stay on track.

  • A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) program that requires comprehensive medical monitoring is offered for those who have 40 or more pounds to lose. This program uses a nutritionally complete beverage as your sole source of nutrition.
  • A Low Calorie Diet (LCD) program is offered that incorporates a combination of healthy foods and/or meal replacement beverages and snack products.


The FMH Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Services accepts most insurances. As a new patient coming into our program be sure to have a Physician Order Form from your referring doctor. We ask that you call ahead to your insurance company to make sure you understand your benefits for diabetes education and nutritional counseling.

What to Bring to Your Initial Consult

  • Your glucose meter and readings
  • Physician order form / referral / insurance cards
  • Your recent blood work results
  • List of your medications