Digital 3D Mammography

We believe that women deserve to come to a special place designed just for them, where they can receive the highest quality of compassionate care.

Digital 3D Mammography is an x-ray exam of the breast that is essential for the early detection of breast cancer.

Before your exam

  • Please do not wear under-arm deodorant until after your mammogram. We can supply you deodorant after the exam if you wish.

During your exam

  • You will be given a gown to wear during your exam.
  • The technologist will ask you questions about your breast health and history.
  • In order to obtain the best quality images, your breast will be compressed by the mammography unit. You may experience discomfort for a very short time. The technologist will place a mammo pad on the machine to minimize the discomfort. Typically, two images of each breast are taken in each routine exam.
  • We also offer the latest technology in breast imaging: 3D Breast Tomography. 3D Breast Tomography images each breast in 1mm layers and enables the radiologist to better detect tumors. If you want 3D Tomography to be included in your screening mammogram, please contact your insurance carrier to verify benefits prior to your exam. FMH offers an affordable cash payment option, if your insurance does not cover 3D Tomography.
  • Often before you leave, a board-certified radiologist will determine if additional images need to be taken. Further evaluation by ultrasound may be necessary.

After your exam

  • Your exam will be interpreted by a board-certified radiologist and printed results will be sent to your ordering physician.
  • A nurse navigator is available to assist you if a biopsy or other intervention is needed.