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Community Partners Page


The mission of Frederick Memorial Hospital is to contribute to the health and well being of area residents by providing quality healthcare in a caring, cost efficient, safe and convenient manner through a coordinated program of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, and support.

Things to consider before submitting a request
Throughout the year, FMH receives many requests for sponsorships, in-kind services and financial support from many deserving, welll-intentioned community organizations. Frederick Memorial Hospital is eager to support those initiatives that are most closely aligned with the organization’s mission to contribute to the health and well-being of area residents, but as a not-for-profit hospital we must remain good stewards of health care dollars. To that end, we will evaluate each submission requesting the hosptial’s partcipation and/ or support based upon the degree to which the activity or event will contribute to the health of our community. We will favor those requests that address the chronic disease management issues identified by the hospital’s Frederick County Health Needs Assessment:

Heart Disease Lung Disease Diabetes Cancer

The hospital’s Community Benefits Program which is based upon the findings of the Health Needs Assessment provides for our participation and support of heritage festivals, community celebrations, runs/walks for causes and cures as long as the event has a health care/education component that will enhance awareness or provide screening opportunities for those chronic diseases named above.

Priority will be given to requests that:

  • Benefit the communities we serve.
  • Target low income, underserved minority populations in Frederick County, Provide educational and/or health screening opportunities.

Regretfully, we are not able to assist:

  • Individuals raising money for a personal crisis or medical problem.
  • Individuals raising pledges for charity walks.
  • Religious organizations.
  • Political or labor organizations.
  • Little league teams and/or booster clubs.
  • For profit organizations.
  • Individual schools.

Due to manpower resource limitations, the hospital may not be able to provide the necessary trained and certified personnel to attend a particular event or program. An in-kind donation such as paying for the printing of publicity fliers or collateral educational materials may be an option in lieu of manning a table or booth.


A committee of FMH Senior Leaders and Directors will review each request for participation submitted to the Health System. The review process will include a metric evaluation of the request. The committee will make its participation recommendation to the FMH Senior Leadership Team.

Final Determination
The FMH Senior Leadership Team will review the committee’s recommendation and make a final determination as to whether or not the hospital will participate in the event or program and, if so, the extent of the hospital’s participation.


The FMH Community Outreach Coordinator, Cookie Verdi, will notify the organization’s contact person of the hospital’s decision.



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