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Wide Open Bore MRI

Change the way you think about Open MRI

Frederick Memorial Hospital’s High Field Wide Open Bore MRI provides easy access and an added level of comfort for those patients who are anxious about conventional MRI systems. Here's why:

  • FMH Wide Open Bore MRI offers an opening that is wide enough to comfortably accommodate large patients, and provides internal space that is about twice that of conventional MRI systems. 
  • FMH Wide Open Bore MRI provides comfort and ease of access even if you have issues with pain or mobility.

FMH Open MRI is available at two FMH locations:
FMH Rose Hill
1562 Opossumtown Pike
Frederick, Maryland 21702
  FMH Crestwood
7211 Bank Court
Frederick, Maryland 21703
Routine appointments can be made for FMH Wide Open Bore MRI at either location by calling the FMH scheduling number: 240-566-3400.

Wide Bore MRI scanners offer patients Comfort & Quality:

Wide Bore MRIWide Open Bore MRI scanners provide comfort and quality
unsurpassed by scanners advertised as “open” MRI scanners. 
“Open” MRI scanners actually have a smaller vertical space than Wide Open Bore scanners and a lower-field strength, producing images which
are of lower quality compared to Wide Open Bore MRI high-field scanners.

  • An “open” MRI’s average vertical space is 40-45 cm. A Wide Open Bore MRI’s vertical space is 70 cm. Almost
    one foot more in headroom.
  • A shorter bore length may allow an exam to be completed with the patient’s head outside of the bore.When the patient’s head must be inside the bore, the space above the patient’s face is about twice that of an open MRI.
  • Accommodates patients up to 550 lbs.
  • Reduces patient anxiety
  • A higher-field strength is capable of producing better image quality with much shorter exam times.
  • Better quality means improved diagnosis and treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wide Open Bore MRI Machines 

What is a "wide open bore" MRI machine? How does it compare to traditional MRI machines or the "totally open" MRI machines?
The MRI machine with "wide open bore" has a larger opening than traditional MRI machines, making it easier for patients who are claustrophobic to have MRI scans, without sedation. In contrast to a "totally open" MRI machine it still has a tunnel the patient must pass through, but the opening (or "bore") is wider and much shorter to further promote an open experience.

What are some of the advantages to this machine? Is it more fast or powerful?

Frederick Memorial Hospital's MRI machine is a 1.5 Tesla "high field" magnet, rather than the "low field" magnet used with a "totally open" machine. As a result, FMH Wide Open Bore MRI provides a faster exam time for patients, a more detailed image for your doctor and alleviates the anxiety associated with claustrophobia.

Can this magnet accommodate larger patients? 
FMH Wide Open Bore MRI is able to examine most patients weighing less than 500 lbs and in certain cases can even accommodate patients weighing 550 lbs.

How does the size of the Open Bore compare to that of the traditional MRI machines?
Compared to the traditional MRI magnet, the diameter of the open bore is 70 cm (28 inches) instead of 60cm (24 inches). The length of the magnet bore is 125-145cm. (50 - 57 inches), which almost a foot shorter than conventional MRI.


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