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Patient Accommodations

Personal Belongings

FMH is very concerned about helping you protect your personal property.  If your admission is a planned event, we hope that you have left your valuables at home where you know they'll be safe. If your admission was an unexpected event such as through the Emergency Department or a direct admission from your physician's office, every effort will be made to secure your personal property. Personal property is solely the patient's responsibility. FMH will make every effort to help patients keep their personal property safe and secure, but the organization is not responsible for any personal property.

The Admissions Department will point out the hospital's policy relative to a patient's personal property, and supply you with a personal belongings bags into which you can place your belongings after you get to your room.   

An admissions clerk explains the importance of managing personal property while an inpatient at FMH

Your nurse will help you document and catalogue the personal property you have with you at the time of your admission and explain to you the importance of having a family member or friend take your property with them for safe keeping.

Hospital ID Bracelet

Upon admission, you will be given a hospital ID bracelet. Please wear the bracelet at all times during your stay. If you must leave your room for anything other than a scheduled procedure, please notify your nurse so he or she knows where you are at all times.

Room Selection

Frederick Memorial Hospital makes every effort to provide each patient with a private room. In times of extremely high census it may be necessary to place a patient in a semi-private room. While this situation arises on only rare occasions, as our community grows and the demand for inpatient care increases, it is happening and will continue to occur on a more frequent basis. Plans are being made to increase the hospital's private room capacity, but it will take several years for construction and renovation to take place. Again, every effort is made to provide all of our patients with private rooms. We ask for your cooperation and understanding in those situations in which private rooms are not available.   

Getting Comfortable

Your bed is electrically operated, and your nurse will show you how to work it properly. Bedside rails are for your protection. They may be raised at night or during the day if you are resting, recovering from surgery or taking certain medications. If your room temperature is not comfortable, please notify a member of the nursing staff.

Television Service

A television is provided to our patients free of charge. Besides enjoying local programming, you can be educated on a wide variety of health issues through the hospital's LifeResource Education Channel. For patients who are admitted to the BirthPlace, the Newborn Channel will help teach you important information on how to care for your new baby.

Telephone Service

Telephone service for our patients is provided free of charge in each patient room. Please be sure to dial "9" then the area code and number to reach an outside line. Dial "9+00" if you need to speak with a long distance operator. For credit card calls, dial "9" then follow the instructions on your calling card. If your phone is not working properly, please ask your nurse to call the help desk for you.


A limited number of Frederick News-Post newspapers are available free of charge to our patients. Simply ask your caregiver for the local paper and one will be delivered to your room by an FMH Volunteer. Local and national newspapers are also available for purchase from machines just outside the main entrance.

Electrical Appliances

You may wish to bring grooming, entertainment, or other electrical appliances to the hospital. Certain devices are permitted, but there are several rules that must be followed to ensure your comfort and safety, as well as that of all our patients and staff.

Please inform your nurse if you wish to bring any electrical appliances into the hospital. Appliances must be made available for inspection by hospital personnel to ensure your safety. Also, you must discuss any medical device you bring into the hospital with your admitting physician or nurse. Small battery-powered devices, such as clocks, radios and music players, are generally permitted. You are encouraged to use earphones with radios and music players to avoid disturbing other patients or staff members. Most electric shavers, hair dryers and curling irons are permitted. All such devices must have a "UL" label and must remain unplugged when not in use. If cords on these appliances are frayed, they may not be used at the hospital.

Some devices may interfere with the operation of medical equipment, or a medication you are given may affect your ability to use an appliance safely. Please cooperate with hospital personnel who may ask you not to use an appliance. The hospital also reserves the right to remove any personal electrical device that, in the opinion of nursing, administrative, maintenance, or clinical engineering staff, presents a significant risk.

The following devices are prohibited:

  • Televisions
  • Extension Cords
  • Heating devices of any type, including electric heating pads or blankets, and space heaters.
  • Household appliances, including coffee pots and coffee makers, microwaves and blenders.
  • Radio transmitters of any kind.

Permission to use a device, even if hospital personnel have inspected it, is not a guarantee of safety. FMH assumes no responsibility for any death, injury, damage, theft or loss associated with any device brought into the hospital by a patient or visitor.



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