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The BirthPlace Admissions


 The Family Center Crew

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural experiences. The BirthPlace at FMH was created to enhance the experience by caring for mothers and their newborns in a warm, inviting atmosphere. As the only hospital in one of the largest cities in Maryland, the BirthPlace at Frederick Memorial Hospital welcomes into the world more than 2,600 babies every year. With more than a century of experience, FMH knows a thing or two about bringing babies into the world. 

But the birth of your child is never routine – and we take nothing for granted.  The BirthPlace at FMH is equipped with the personnel and technology necessary to care for your healthy newborn, and now – thanks to a partnership with Johns Hopkins University – The Billy Miller Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is in place and prepared to manage the care of high-risk newborns of 28-weeks gestational age. Our nursing staff excels at delivering a personal touch for each newborn's arrival into this world. Our nurses help to create an atmosphere which is special and unique for every new family.


Preparing for Your Baby's Arrival 

The BirthPlace is pleased you and your physicians have chosen Frederick Memorial Hospital for the birth of your baby, and we will do everything we can to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.  To speed your admission process, and to help us plan for your upcoming arrival, please complete and return our Registration Questionnaire (PDF - you can also get a copy through your obstetrician's office).

Please return the questionnaire to: 

Admissions Department
Frederick Memorial Hospital
400 West 7th Street
Frederick, Maryland  21701

During the third trimester of your pregnancy your obstetrician will provide the BirthPlace with a copy of your medical record.  This record provides the essential details of your pregnancy, which will help us prepare a care plan specifically for you. 


Please be sure to follow instructions from your obstetrician, and call the obstetrician's service to alert them of your condition prior to arriving at the BirthPlace.  Early notification allows your obstetrician to meet you at the BirthPlace.



Classes and Programs

The FMH Wellness Center offers a wide variety of childbirth, sibling and parenting classes.  There is sure to be a class or program to fit your busy schedule. 


What to Bring With You to the Hospital

Bring some of your personal items that will help to make you comfortable in an unfamiliar setting.  Your robe and slippers, personal toiletries, a favorite book, etc. 


  • Robe, slippers and personal toiletries such as toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, hand lotion, etc
  • Loose, comfortable clothing for the day of your discharge. 
  • Insurance and Prescription cards
  • An infant outfit for discharge
  • Blankets for your newborn

It is important to bring your insurance cards with you.


What You Should Leave at Home

We strongly recommend that you bring only a minimum amount of cash with you to the hospital, and that you leave all other valuable items at home.  If it is necessary to bring valuables with you, the Cashier's Office can store smaller items in the hospital safe. When you arrive for admission, notify your admissions nurse and arrangements will be made to place your items in the safe.

FMH is not responsible for money or valuables that are kept in your room.

Please do not bring any of the following with you to the hospital:

  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Keepsakes

The Day of Admission

1. If your pre-registration paperwork has been sent to the Admissions Department prior to your arrival to the hospital, all you will need to do on the day of your admission is:

  • go to the Admissions Department located just off of the Main Lobby,
  • sign a form and a copy of the hospital's Privacy Notice

You will be taken immediately to the BirthPlace, and the remainder of your admissions work will done from the file copy of your pre-admission form.

2. If you have not sent in your pre-admission paperwork, or if your information has changed:

  • go to the Admissions Department located just off of the Main Lobby
  • you will need to answer some questions and sign some paperwork

You will be taken to the BirthPlace and the remainder of you admissions work will be done at your bedside using the mobile data entry system.

If you arrive at the hospital after normal business hours, please enter through the Emergency Department.



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