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FMH Crestwood

Conveniently located to serve our neighbors in south Frederick, FMH Crestwood provides advanced Imaging and Rehabilitation services, as well as Laboratory draw and specimen collection stations.

FMH Crestwood
7211 Bank Court
Frederick, Maryland 21703

Imaging, Laboratory 
Monday - Friday
7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Rehabilitation Services
Monday - Thursday
7:30 am to 6:30pm
Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Directions to FMH Crestwood

Services at FMH Crestwood

Patients who have been ordered by their physicians to have standard X-ray studies, or to have their blood drawn for laboratory tests, can simply drop by without making an appointment between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. 

For all other tests, such as a PET or CT scan, MRI, a bone density study, an ultrasound procedure or to have a mammogram, you will need to make an appointment by calling: 240-566-3400.

Suite 100 - Diagnostic Imaging - X-ray, Dexa, EKG, Ultrasound, Pet/ CT & MRI

Suite 101 - Women's Center Imaging (8am-5pm) - Mammo, Ultrasound and Interventional Breast Biopsies

Suite 110 - Women's Center for Breast Care (8am-4pm) - Dr Susan Bahl - 301-418-6611

Suite 120 - Rehabilitation and Women's Center Specialty Services. To make an appointment call 240-215-1425

Suite 130 - Laboratory

Suite 140 & 150 - Women's Center Clinical Specialty Suites

Cancer Care Center of Frederick - 301-695-6777
OB & GYN Center of Frederick - 301-663-4545
Oncology Care Consultants - 301-662-8477
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - 301-829-4110
Shady Grove Fertility Center - 301-631-1180 
Dr. Howard Berg, Colon Rectal Specialists, 410-427-2633
Dr. Fouad Abbas, Gynecologic Oncology, 1-800-933-5801
Dr. Nathan Moskowitz, Neurosurgery, 301-309-0566

Please bring your doctor's orders and insurance information with you to your first visit.

FMH ProMotion Fitness+

Have you been thinking about starting an exercise program or has your health care provider been encouraging you to begin? If you are unsure about how to begin a safe and effective program or feel more comfortable under specialized supervision and guidance, FMH ProMotion Fitness+ provides a safe and supportive environment designed to partner with you in reaching your exercise goals.

Enrolling in Our Program

Call 240-215-1470 if you are interested in starting the program, want to schedule a tour, or need more information. If you have experienced a recent cardiac or pulmonary event, it is advised that you complete the FMH Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehabilitation program prior to enrolling in this program.

7211 Bank Court, Suite 220
Frederick, Maryland 21703
240-215-1475 fax
TDD 240-566-3700


Rehabilitation Services

FMH Crestwood's physical therapy services are offered through Tx:Team, a therapist-owned company dedicated to rehabilitation treatment for more than two decades. After discharge from the hospital or by physician referral Tx:Team designs rehabilitation plans to help patients maximize their functional capability.

Tx:Team Physical Therapists work with patients to reduce pain, restore strength and increase range of motion and muscular control. Effective physical therapy allows patients to live as independently as possible, return to work and enjoy every day activities.

Two specialty women's services are now being offered at FMH Crestwood: lymphedema management and pelvic floor health.


Radiology Services

A number of diagnostic imaging procedures are available at FMH Crestwood, including MRI, digital mammography, bone density, and PET/CT scans.  We invite you to take a look at our list of tests performed at our FMH Crestwood facility, and detailed description of each. 

You do not need to make an appointment if your doctor has ordered routine bone X-rays, or an X-ray of your chest. If your doctor wants you to have an ultrasound, bone density scan, PET scan, CT Scan, MRI or Mammogram you should call the Hospital's main scheduling line at 240-566-3400 to make an appointment.

Don't forget: you can request treatment at Crestwood if it's more convenient!


Laboratory Services 

 You can have your blood drawn, or you may drop off specimens that your doctor has instructed you to collect at home at FMH Crestwood.  No appointment is necessary.



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