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Site Index

 Frederick Memorial Hospital
 Billing Information
       Contact Us
            Phone Directory
       Site Index
 FMH Staff
       Physician Office Portal
 Forensic Nursing
       Bridges Program
            Contact Us
            Curriculum Schedule
            How Does The Program Work?
       Frequently Asked Questions
       Patient Information
                 Medical Patients
                      Preparing for a Medical Admission
                 Outpatient diagnostic testing
                 Same-Day Surgery
                 Surgery Patients
                      Preparing for a Surgical Procedure
                 The BirthPlace Admissions
            Compliments & Complaints
            Document Library
            During Your Stay
                 Care Coordination
                 Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
                 Ethics Committee
                 Interpreting Services
                 Patient Accommodations
                 Patient Rights
                      Advance Directives
                      Health Information Exchanges
                 Patient Safety
                 Social Work Department
            Find A Doc
            Hospital Charges
                 Accepted Insurance Plans
                 Financial Information
            Obtaining Your Records
            Pastoral Care
                 Clinical Pastoral Education Program
                 Pastoral Care Services
                 Religious Quick Reference Guides
                 Traditional Prayers
                 When to Call a Chaplain
            Telephone Directory
       Visitor Information
            Hotel Accommodations
            Pastoral Care Services
            Smoking Policy
            The Coffee Bean
            Events and Information
            Gift Shop
            Junior Volunteer Program
            Thrift Shop
            Volunteer Application
            Volunteer Opportunities
                 Baby Hat Instructions
            Who Can Volunteer?
       About FMH
            A Brief History
            A New Look
            Billing Information
                 Apply Online for Financial Assistance
            Board of Directors
            DAC Financial Disclosure
            Joint Commission Accreditation
            Vision Mission & Values
       Cancer Care
            Cancer Patient Information Center
                      Classes of Chemo Drugs
                      Managing Chemo Side Effects
                      Receiving Chemotherapy
                 Clinical Trials
                 Hormone Therapy
                      Hormone Therapy Drug Information
                 Informational Pamphlets
                 Patient Resource Library
                      Book List
                 Prescription Assistance
                 Radiation Therapy
                      Linear Accelerator
                      Radiation Oncology
                           Types of Radiation Therapy
                           What to Expect
                      Side Effects
                      Treatment Team
                 Resources & Support Services
                      SOS Workshops
                      Survivors Offering Support
                 Screening & Detection
                      Tumor Markers
                      Warning Signs
                 Targeted Therapy
                 Treatment Side Effects
                 Types of Cancer
                 Web Resources
            Cancer Registry
            Clinical Studies
                 Partial List of Available Studies
                 Questionable Treatments
            CyberKnife Center Team
            Fitness and Nutrition for Breast Cancer Survivors
            James M. Stockman Cancer Institute - The Time Is Now Campaign
            Lung CT Cancer Screening Program
            MD Anderson Cancer Network Affiliate
            Reducing Cancer Risk
                 Diet and Cancer Risk
            Angina & Heart Attack
            Cardiac Rehabilitation
                 Helpful Resources
                 Support Services
            Causes of a Heart Attack
            Chest Pain Center
            Coronary Artery Plaque
            FMH Heart Bridge Clinic
            How is Chest Pain Diagnosed?
            Interventional Cardiology
            Normal Coronary Artery
            ProMotion Fitness+
                 Class Descriptions and Schedules
            Taking it to Heart
            Treatment for a Heart Attack
            What is a Heart Attack?
                 Chairman's Message
            Business Health Awards
                 2013 Application
                 Awards Reception RSVP
                 Corporate Honor Roll
            Contact Us
            FMH Cancer Institute
            Make a Gift
                 Gifts of Tribute
                 Giving Clubs
                 Other Giving Programs & Funds
                 Ways to Give
            News & Resources
                 Donor Report Newsletter
                 In The News
            Photo Gallery
            Planned Giving
       Medical Services
            Bariatric Surgery
            Behavioral Health
                 Crisis Services
                 Inpatient Care
                 Outpatient Programs
            Center for Advanced Sleep Studies
                 Commercial Drivers
                 Contact Us
                 Learn More About Sleep
                 Pediatric Sleep Studies
                 Photo Gallery
                 Tests We Perform
            Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Services
            Clinical Laboratory
            Home Health
                 Home Medical Equipment
            Hospice/Home Care Information
                 Informational Guides
            Hospitalist Care
                 3D Mammography
                 Bone Density
                 Bone X-rays
                 Chest X-rays
                 CT Scan
                      CT Scan of the Abdomen
                      CT Scan of the Head
                 Echo & Vascular Lab
                 Lower G.I./Barium Enema
                      MR Angiography
                      MRI of the Head
                      MRI of the Musculoskeletal System
                      Wide Open Bore MRI
                 Nuclear Medicine
                      Bone Scan
                      Gallium Scan
                      Gastric Emptying
                      Gastrointestinal Bleeding Study
                      Hepatobiliary Imaging
                      I-131 Therapy
                      Labelled WBC Study
                      Liver Hemangioma Scan
                      Liver/Spleen Imaging
                      Lung (V/Q) Scan
                      Meckel's Scan
                      Parathyroid Scan
                      Renal Scan
                      Resting MUGA
                      Thyroid Uptake & Scan
                 PET Scan
                      Learn More About PET Scans
                 Ultrasound Imaging
                      Abdominal Ultrasound
                      Endoscopic Ultrasound
                      Obstetric Ultrasound
                      Pelvic Ultrasound
                 Upper G.I./Barium Swallow
                 Helpful Resources
                 Patient Education Class Reservation
                 Prevention & Wellness
                 Support Services
                 What is Joint Replacement?
            Pulmonary Function Lab
            Pulmonary Rehab Program
                 Helpful Resources
                 Support Services
                 Frequently Asked Questions - Rehab
                 Occupational Therapy
                 Pediatric Rehabilitation
                 Physical Therapy
                 Speech & Language Pathology
            Smoking Cessation Program
            Spine Works
            Stroke Center
                 FMH Stroke Team
                 Life After a Stroke
                 Patient Care & Medications
                 Rehabilitation Services
                 Stroke Prevention
                 Stroke Resources
                 Stroke Risk Factors
                 Stroke Support Group
                 Warning Signs of a Stroke
                 What is a Stroke?
                 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
                 Carotid Artery Disease
                 Peripheral Artery Disease
                 Vein Thrombophlebitis
                 Venous Problems
            Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine
                 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
                 Introduction to Wound Healing
                 Your First Visit
       Nursing Excellence
            Leadership & Governance
            Our Core Values
            Our Magnet Journey
            Professional Development
            Quality Care & Patient Safety
            Before During & After Surgery
            Visitor Guidelines
            Your Child's Surgery
       Women and Children
            Mothers & Babies
                 Care of the Intact Penis
                 Family Focus
                      Nutrition Counseling
                      Sibling Classes
                 FMH Auxiliary Prenatal Center
                      End Depression During & After Pregnancy
                      Prenatal Community Resources
                      Substance Abuse Resources for Pregnancy
                 Reference Material
                 The BirthPlace
                      BirthPlace Frequently Asked Questions
                      BirthPlace Security
                      BirthPlace Visitors
                      Breastfeeding Education & Support
                           Importance of Breastfeeding
                           Keys to Successful Breastfeeding
                      Caring for Your Baby & Yourself
                      Cesarean Births
                      Family Center
                      Pain Relief Options
                      Perinatal Loss Program
                      Preparing for Your Baby's Arrival
                      Preparing to Go Home
                      The Billy Miller Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
                           A Parents' Guide to the NICU
                                Breast Milk for NICU Babies
                                Equipment in the NICU
                                Family Support & Web Resources
                                Language of the NICU
                                NICU Visitation Guidelines
                                Who's Who in the NICU
                           Cuidado Intensivo Neonatal Guia Informativa
                           NICU Frequently Asked Questions
                           One Family's NICU Story
            Pediatric Hospitalists
            Women's Health
                 Living with Diabetes
                 Pelvic Health Program
                      I Only Leak When I Laugh
                 Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
                 Ultrasound Imaging
                 Women's Health Events
                 Women's Rehabilitation
                 Women's Support Services
                 Women's Wellness
                 Women’s Health Navigator


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