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When to Call a Chaplain

  • In crisis situations
  • Whenever there are concerns about dying or when death is imminent
  • In anticipation of test results, medical procedures, serious surgery or the receiving of a diagnosis or prognosis
  • After receiving the results of any medical tests or procedures that bring bad news
  • When experiencing emotional distress, discouragement, depression, anxiety, fear or dispair
  • During times of acute loneliness
  • Whenever in need of someone to talk to in strict confidentiality or offering a confession
  • When there are concerns about religious issues
  • Whenever there is a desire for prayer, scripture or the administration of Sacraments
  • Whenever there are spiritual concerns related to issues of moral value, meaning and purpose of life, or broken relationships
  • Times of loss and grief
  • During special times of celebration and thanksgiving
  • Whenever a patient is considering leaving the hospital without the approval of their physician (AMA - Against Medical Advice)
  • For reflection upon ethical issues and decision making
  • For assistance in completing Advance Directives 
  • Whenever in need of information regarding spiritual or religious values of diverse faith traditions
  • Whenever in need of assistance in identifying or contacting specific Clergy or Faith Leaders
    (Representatives from the Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Protestant and Roman Catholic faith traditions are on call and usually available 24 hours a day.)


Spiritual and religious support materials are available in the form of audiocassettes, videos and written publications.  Bibles and select Bible messages are available on audiocassette in the following languages:  English, German, Hindi, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese.

To check out a cassette, contact the Pastoral Care Office at 240-566-3607 to get a request form.





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