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What to Expect


The Emergency Department has its own canopied entranceway next to the hospital's Main Entrance. Patients should be dropped off at the Emergency Department entranceway and NOT at the Main Entrance. If the patient requires assistance, such as the use of a wheelchair or a stretcher, personnel are stationed at the door to help you.

The driver may use our free valet service or park his or her vehicle in the hospital's designated parking areas. If the lot appears to be full, a Security Guard will be available to assist the driver in finding a parking place.


Upon arrival to the Emergency Department you will be pre-registered as a patient by a Registered Nurse. This is a quick and easy process and only the most basic information is collected.


Personnel who have pre-registered you into the Emergency Department are Registered Nurses, so a preliminary evaluation of your condition has taken place without you even knowing it!  From the Emergency Department waiting room you will be called into one of the two nurse triage stations directly across from the intake desk

At the station, a triage nurse will evaluate your medical condition more thoroughly. Your vital signs - temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiration rate will be taken and recorded, and the nurse will ask questions regarding the nature of your illness or injury.

After the triage nurse has finished assessing the nature and severity of your emergency, she will either ask you to have a seat in the waiting area, or have you taken back into the treatment areas depending on the severity of your condition.

Every effort will be made to see other patients as soon as possible.


Once you are taken to the treatment area you may be asked to get undressed and put on a hospital gown for a thorough examination.  You will be examined by an Emergency Department Provider (doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner).  Depending on the results of this initial examination, further testing may be ordered, such as X-rays, blood studies or tests to monitor your heart. Any one of these tests will add at least an hour to your stay.

If necessary, you will be admitted and moved to another area of the hospital where your care will continue. If your illness or injury does not require hospitalization, you will be discharged.


After you've been evaluated by an Emergency Department Provider, a registration clerk will register you as an FMH patient right at your bedside.


You will be given both verbal and written instructions about what to do after you leave. You will be asked to pay any co-pay required by your insurance at the time of discharge.

Visitor Guidelines

  • Visitors must register with the security office located in the new patient waiting area.
  • Visitors will be issued a color coded badge indicating the area of the ED to which they may have acces
  • Visitors arelimited to two per patient, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Please remember:

  • The patient's needs always come first.
  • Children not receiving care should remain in the waiting room under adult supervision.
  • The patient has the right to restrict visitors at any time.
  • Please respect the rights and privacy of other patients.
  • No food is allowed in the patient care area unless for the patient due to medical direction


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