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Financial Information

What to Expect

If You Have Health Insurance: We will need a copy of your health insurance card(s). 

If You Do Not Have Insurance: Payment is due at the time of discharge. If needed, one of our Financial Counselors will discuss financial arrangements with you, provide information on the Maryland Health Insurance Plan (MHIP), assist you in applying for Medical Assistance or one of our other programs available.

If You Are Unable to Pay Your Bill
: In certain circumstances, financial assistance may be available for patients who are unable to pay their hospital bill but do not qualify for any other form of assistance.  For questions regarding insurance, payment plans, MHIP, Federal Medical Assistance, or Frederick Memorial's financial assistance program, please contact our Financial Counseling office, Monday - Friday, between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm at 240-566-3311.

Hospital Billing

Being hospitalized is a stressful experience without having to worry about bills. Your job as a patient is to take care of yourself, with the advice of your healthcare team. After your discharge you will receive separate bills from the hospital and from all physicians involved in your care.

Please remember that physicians' fees, including those of anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, pathologists, neonatologists and radiologists, are not reflected in your hospital bill and will arrive separately.
Each admission is billed individually. If you request a second opinion, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to determine their requirements for coverage. Financial counselors, Utilization Review staff, and Medical Assistance representatives are available to address any questions concerning insurance coverage, medical assistance and payment options. They can be reached by calling 240-566-3311. Our counselors will strive to answer questions regarding your hospital bill, but insurance policies vary greatly.

The Frederick County Department of Social Services has placed representatives in the hospital to assist patients and families with applications for Medical Assistance (Medicaid) to cover hospital costs. Medical Assistance can also cover medications and doctor visits after discharge. A representative can be reached by calling 240-566-3862. Applications for nursing home Medical Assistance must still be completed at the Department of Social Services office downtown. After your discharge, please contact Patient Accounts at 240-566-3950 with billing and financial questions. As you receive bills, look closely to see which provider sent the bill. Sometimes physician groups have names that resemble the name of the hospital in which they practice.

Remember, you will receive bills from physicians with whom you had brief contacts, or even no face-to-face contact. For example, most of a Pathologist's services are performed  in a laboratory with results sent to your primary physician.
If the hospital has not received a response from an insurance company 60 days after submitting a bill, you will be encouraged to contact your insurance carrier to secure payment. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for bills not paid by insurance or other health coverage. Payment options can be established by contacting a Patient Accounts Representative at 240-566-3950.


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