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Frequently Asked Questions

Advance Directives

Q:   Can I still make my own healthcare decisions once I have created Advance Directives?
Q:   Do Advance Directives have to be notarized?
Q:   Do any of these documents deal with financial matters?
Q:   Do I have to create Advance Directives to receive healthcare treatment?
Q:   Do I need a lawyer to create Advance Directives?
Q:   Does the EMS Palliative Care DNR Order have to be in a particular form?
Q:   How can I be sure that the wishes expressed in my Advance Directives will be followed?
Q:   How is appointing a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare or a "healthcare agent" different from a Living Will and other healthcare instructions?
Q:   I am a young person in good health. Do I really need to create Advance Directives and/or appoint someone to act on my behalf?
Q:   If I already have Advance Directives for healthcare instructions, do I need to appoint a "Healthcare Agent " or a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare?
Q:   If I decide to appoint a "Healthcare Agent" or Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, how should I choose someone?
Q:   If I have Advance Directives do I also need an Emergency Medical Services(EMS) Palliative Care/Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order?
Q:   Must I use any particular form?
Q:   What are Advance Directives
Q:   What if I change my mind about who I want to be my healthcare agent or about the kind of treatment I want?
Q:   What if my doctor or my family do not agree with my treatment choices or healthcare decision?
Q:   What instructions should I give my healthcare agent concerning my healthcare?
Q:   What is a Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney for Healthcare or "Healthcare Agent"?
Q:   What is the difference between Advance Directives and a Living Will?
Q:   What should I do with my Advance Directives after I sign them?
Q:   Who can witness my Advance Directives?
Q:   Will another state honor my Advance Directives?


Q:   Do you have private rooms on the Family Center and can I reserve one?
Q:   How do I have my car safety seat checked?
Q:   May I please see if (my neighbor, friend, co-worker, sister, etc) is having her baby?
Q:   When are the visiting hours?


Q:   Are CyberKnife treatments covered by insurance?
Q:   Has the CyberKnife System been approved by the FDA?
Q:   How does the CyberKnife System differ from other radiosurgery systems?
Q:   How is the CyberKnife treatment tolerated by most patients?
Q:   What are the benefits of treatment with the CyberKnife System?
Q:   What are the steps in the CyberKnife treatment process?
Q:   What can the CyberKnife be used to treat?
Q:   What is CyberKnife?
Q:   What is the difference between conventional radiation therapy and stereotatic radiosurgery?

Human Resources

Q:   How can I find out the status of my application?
Q:   How do I apply?
Q:   I'm not familiar with Frederick, MD and I would like to come to the hospital. How can I get driving directions?
Q:   I've completed the application online and I receive an error message when I try to submit it. Now what?
Q:   What positions are currently available?
Q:   Where is the Human Resources department located?


Q:   Can the technologist give me my results?
Q:   How much radiation am I getting? Will I get cancer from this radiation?
Q:   What if I have additional questions regarding an imaging procedure?
Q:   What if my doctor requests for me to bring my x-rays or images?
Q:   When will my doctor receive the results?
Q:   Why must I arrive 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment time?


Q:   Do I need to make an appointment for lab tests?
Q:   How can I get my results? A family member's results?
Q:   What must I do for a "fasting" test?
Q:   When will my doctor get the results?
Q:   Why are some tests only drawn at the FMH main campus?

Medical Advice

Q:   How much Motrin should I give my child?
Q:   How much Tylenol should I give my child?
Q:   Is this a test?
Q:   What is a fever in a child?
Q:   What is the preferred method of taking a temperature?
Q:   What medication can be used to treat a child's fever?


Q:   Are you a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, NICU?
Q:   Are you a teaching hospital?
Q:   Can parents visit? And can other people come to see my baby?
Q:   Do the nurses who work in your NICU receive any specialized training?
Q:   Once my baby is discharged, what can my family do to stay connected to the NICU?
Q:   Once my baby is discharged, what happens if he/she gets sick?
Q:   What services can you provide in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit?


Q:   Do I need a referral from my physician?
Q:   Does FMH have a pool for aquatics?
Q:   How do you handle co-pays?
Q:   How long is each therapy session?
Q:   What are the hours of operation for Rehabilitation Services?
Q:   What does FMH Rehabilitation offer?
Q:   What happens if I need more therapy than originally approved by my insurance company?
Q:   What is the difference between a referral and a prescription?
Q:   What should I wear to my therapy appointment?


Q:   Why do I have to come in 2 hours before my surgery?
Q:   Why is it so cold in the operating room?

Volunteer Services

Q:   How do I become a volunteer?
Q:   I like to knit/crochet/sew, etc. What can I do to help?
Q:   My church group, scout troop, etc. would like to do something for the children/patients in the hospital. What can we do?
Q:   My Scout troop, class, etc. would like to have a tour of the hospital, can this be arranged?
Q:   What are the requirements for becoming a high school (Junior) volunteer?

Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

Q:   Do you only see people with wounds?
Q:   How can I communicate with the operator outside of the chamber?
Q:   How can I prepare for therapy?
Q:   How do I know if it is working?
Q:   How do I pass the time during my treatment?
Q:   How do I tell if I need hyperbaric oxygen?
Q:   How does Hyperbaric Oxygen work to heal my wound?
Q:   How long is each treatment?
Q:   How many treatments will I receive?
Q:   How will I feel during the treatment?
Q:   Is Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy covered by my insurance?
Q:   Is there any pain during Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy?
Q:   What are the risks of not treating a wound?
Q:   What are the side effects?
Q:   What can I take into the chamber?
Q:   What conditions does Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treat?
Q:   What does the Hyperbaric chamber look like?
Q:   What if I get claustrophobia or anxiety?
Q:   What if I need to go to the bathroom during treatment?
Q:   What is Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy?
Q:   Where is the hyperbaric doctor during my treatment?
Q:   Why won't my wound heal?


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