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Pediatric Sleep Studies

The best way to prepare for a pediatric sleep study at FMH is to read and follow the detailed instructions found in the patient packet. Please note that all patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the entire overnight sleep study.

Pre-register for your child’s sleep study

Click here to pre-register online for your sleep study.  To pre-register by phone, call 240-566-3400.  Pre-registration will ensure that you can move quickly through registration the night of your child’s study.  This will allow you and your technologist to have as much time as possible to orient you and your child to the sleep study process

Preparing your child for a sleep study:

  • If you would like to arrange a daytime tour of the sleep center prior to your scheduled appointment, please call (240) 566-4829 to speak to the Sleep Center Liaison.

  • It is important for your child to understand that he or she will be wearing a number of electrodes and other testing equipment during the sleep study.  There is no pain involved in attaching, wearing, or removing this equipment.  Each individual piece has a specific, important purpose for diagnosing your child’s sleep condition.

  • Your sleep technologist will explain each piece of equipment as it is being placed on your child.  Some equipment (such as pieces attached to the finger and under the nose) may be put in place after your child falls asleep.



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