Spring Cleaning On Your PC

Most people just use their computers until they stop working, without ever doing any preventative maintenance. FredMed’s technical staff members, however, know a few tricks that can extend the life of your PC.
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IMA is the oldest internal medicine practice in Frederick. Five years ago they made a bold gamble, opting to modernize their operations by being the first independent practice to move to FredMed’s new practice management system. The gamble paid off, with IMA continuing to expand their practice, maintaining lean staffing levels and reducing AR Days, which have shrunk to nearly half the national average.
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FredMed members who’ve tried out GoToMyPC are hooked. We love it too, but we thought we’d share what other FredMed members are saying about the service.

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Misys Check-Up – Patient Billing: Take the “Well Software Exam”
Spring is a good time to take a fresh look at routine processes and perhaps to conduct a ‘well software exam’. Your Misys system was likely configured to produce bills for patient balances when you first started using the software. Is it still configured to support your current patient billing policies? Does your practice follow through with your patient billing policies?
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Becky Little
Becky Little has been with FredMed providing Misys (Medic) support to our clients for several years and has been contributing to the Frederick medical community for over 25 years. We rely on her insight and experience to deliver practice management software solutions that meet the needs of FredMed member offices.
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Desktop 2005
FredMed has exciting new upgrades for your office PCs this year. We have new software from FMH, including a full set of enhancements for your antivirus software and an updated version of Meditech. The new anti-virus software provides a firewall with Spy-Ware and Ad-Ware detection.

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