FMH & TelCove/KMC Telecom have signed a contract providing a new WAN option for physician offices. The new option bundles
discounted voice and data services over a high speed T1 line.
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PDAs for the Medically Inclined
PDAs have the ability to perform more functions than you might expect, offering a wide variety of free and low cost software designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. PDAs have moved from the realm of tech toys into real productivity enhancing tools.
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Maryland Pediatric Orthopaedic Center
In 2003, Dr. Andrew Abramowitz was determined to start his own practice in a very short time frame. He faced many challenges, needing to pull together office space, staff, computers and practice management software. With the help of FMH, FredMed and Medical Account Services, he was able to see patients within 6 weeks.
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Top Meditech Tips

Do you know how to access Meditech using your home Internet connection? How about pulling up scanned images of patients' insurance cards? Did you know there's a free computerized PCI tutorial you can give to new employees?
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Managing Your Unallocated Money
This article focuses on managing unallocated money issues in Misys. Understanding some basic concepts about how the system handles receipts and the parameters that drive these functions will help you manage your unallocated money, credits, and overpays.
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Jim Joy
Jim Joy is an experienced member of FredMed's technical support team. From his high school days with a part time job at FMH, through his time with Frederick County Public Schools, until now, Jim has been supporting our local community for almost 30 years.
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Labcorp Misys Interface Available
FredMed Misys PM and Tiger users can now benefit from a bridge interface with LabCorp, allowing for easy electronic completion of LabCorp test orders.

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