E-cycling Old Computers
Did you know most computers and CRTs are considered hazardous waste? What do you do with your old equipment? We detail several viable options for disposal including recycling, having them hauled away, and donating them to charitable organizations.

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Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates, PC
Dr. Harvey Levy, the first dentist to join FredMed, has been using computers in his office since 1986. Today his 9-treatment room practice utilizes digital X-rays and fully computerized patient records.
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FMH Offers Valuable Online Medical Resources
Physicians affiliated with Frederick Memorial Hospital have access to multiple online medical resources designed to provide current information to assist with diagnosis and treatment.
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NPI Transition Update
The transition to NPI will get a bit more complicated over the next few months as providers and payers make the transition to new identifiers and revised claim forms. FredMed shares our checklist.

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Andrew Donelson, MD
Frederick Internal Medicine & Endocrinology Services
FredMed Board Vice President

Dr. Donelson, Vice President of the FredMed Board of Directors, has been heavily involved with Information Technology in the Frederick Community since 2000.
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FredMed Website FAQ
As a service to our members, FredMed is supplementing the Forms area of our website to include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Upcoming Events
MGMA Series Medicare Bonus Program - March 22 & 29
Misys FredMed Member Education Session + Payerpath Intro - April 18
PMP Pay for Performance for Caregivers - April 24 Dinner
Mark Your Calendars: Misys Semi-Annual User Group Meeting - May 24

Be a Benevolent Dictator
This new section of our Newsletter is provided by FMH's Transcription Department.  This month's article provides tips for getting higher quality results by being a Benevolent Dictator.
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Quarterly Update
This section of our Newsletter is dedicated to the “Transitions” occurring in the Frederick medical community.
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