Downloading Free Programs from the Internet
Believe it or not, there are safe places to get free programs on the Internet. This article profiles FredMed's top picks for free programs that might be useful in your work environment.

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Comprehensive Neurology & Sleep Medicine
CNSM's providers complement one another to provide a broad range of neurological services. With one of the most experienced practice managers in the region and FredMed staff to back her up, they've managed to tame their complex technical environment and are ready for their next big project.
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New Member Benefit - Practice Website
Is your practice a Class A FredMed member? If so, you can have a free practice website created and hosted by FredMed. We're also taking this opportunity to announce that we will no longer charge monthly fees for existing FredMed
hosted websites.

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Misys Annual Conference Update
Here's an update from Misys Healthcare's annual user conference in DC. This has been a year of change for Misys. Here are some highlights from the national account meeting and other sessions.

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Introducing FMH's Physician Liaison
Jennifer Stevens Long
Frederick Memorial Healthcare's new Physician Liaison, Jennifer, started her job about 3 weeks ago. We thought you'd be interested in learning a little about her.

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FredMed Annual Meeting September 23rd
David Sharp, Ph.D. of MHCC and David Quirke, FMH's CIO are scheduled to share important news about upcoming opportunities for Frederick physicians at FredMed's Annual Meeting.

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Upcoming Events
Maryland MGMA Operations Meeting at FMH - Sept. 17

Quarterly Update
This section of our Newsletter is dedicated to the “Transitions” occurring in the Frederick medical community.
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