Want A Laptop or a Tablet PC?
With everything from tiny, handheld devices to state-of-the-art portable desktop replacements flooding the market, how's a provider to choose? There are now reasonably priced options available to fit almost every need.

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Frederick Center for Advanced Cardiology
When Dr. Jeffrey Cowen formed Frederick Center for Advanced Cardiology, he turned to FredMed for IT services. Less than a month later, the practice was online and seeing patients.
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Technology Purchasing Assistance
Have you ever purchased a new PC only to find that the monitor was fuzzy or the system was slower than expected? Do you know what to buy to add wireless to your home or office? FredMed is available to help you get the right equipment for the lowest cost.

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Finding Treasure on the Internet
Here's a quick guide to some of the most useful websites we've found on the Internet for the busy practice manager. We point you to sites covering everything from pre-employment
quizzes to libraries of sample collection and appeal letters.
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Microsoft Office 2007 File Help & HIPPA Legal Updates Slides Available
In this issue, FredMed provides some tips and a link to Microsoft's Office 2007 Compatibility Pack. In addition, we point you to the presenters' slides from the HIPPA Legal Update presentation this spring.

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Upcoming Events
FredMed Members who utilize Misys software are invited to free National Account Meeting July 31 - RSVP by June 20
Misys Annual Conference in DC Metro Area Starts July 31 - Early Bird Registration Ends June 30
Meditech Training August 27
Mark Your Calendars: FredMed Annual Membership Meeting - Sept 23

Quarterly Update
This section of our Newsletter is dedicated to the “Transitions” occurring in the Frederick medical community.
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