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Other Giving Programs & Funds

Below are a few highlighted giving opportunities. If you have a special area of interest, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your philanthropic needs.

Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund

The Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund at FMH was established in 1999 by Jeff and Patty Hurwitz, after Patty’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Believing that early diagnosis was the key to Patty’s successful outcome, the goal of the fund has been to provide the most innovative options in early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Over the past decade, more than $1 million has been provided through community support for the fund and its events. When making a gift online (link to spark) to the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund, please select "Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund" as the Designation.
Cancer Patient Assistance Fund
It is devastating to be stricken with cancer, but it is even more distressing for patients who are unable to obtain medicines and medical services to help fight the illness. As Medicare and insurance companies continue to decrease payments for medical care, individuals must bear the responsibility for more and more of the exorbitant cost of their medications and other necessary care. At a time when these patients should be focusing on fighting the disease, they are burdened by the stress of wondering how they will afford what they need to grow stronger and cope better with their cancer.

The FMH Cancer Patient Assistance Fund was created to assist needy patients who are having trouble affording their medications, dietary supplements and other medical necessities associated with their diagnosis of cancer. Supported entirely by community donations, the Fund has no overhead hidden costs; every dollar contributed goes directly to patients in need.

When making a gift online please select "Cancer Patient Assistance Fund" as the Designation. For more information on the Fund please contact the FMH Development Office. 

Prenatal Center - Piki Sorzano Maternity Fund
The FMH Auxiliary Prenatal Center provides underinsured/uninsured women in Frederick County with prenatal care. Since opening in December 2007, the Center has provided care to more than 1,000 patients, approximately 95% of whom had little to no care before entering the program.

Studies have shown that women who have regular prenatal exams give birth to infants who are healthier, of normal size and weight, and are more likely to remain healthy and strong as they grow. Patients at the Prenatal Center receive screenings for health problems like gestational diabetes, are taught what to expect during pregnancy and are referred to services like WIC and childbirth classes. Perhaps most importantly, staff monitors the health of both mothers-to-be and their infants. Keeping an eye on the infant's progress helps identify potential issues early, lowering the risk of a pre-term delivery and/or low birth weight.

To support the efforts of the FMH Auxiliary Prenatal Center, Dr. Julio Menocal founded The Piki Sorzano Maternity Fund. Named after Dr. Menocal's mother, the Fund has raised more than $20,000toward the purchase of equipment and supplies for the Center. Recently, the Fund purchased a DinaMap® machine to help the Center's staff measure patients' vital signs, blood pressure, pulse and temperature. When making a gift online (link to spark), please select "Piki Sorzano" as the Designation.



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