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BirthPlace Security

At the time of birth, we identify the mother and her newborn with special matching identification bracelets. Our staff routinely checks to confirm that the baby's and mother's bracelets match. The BirthPlace also has a computerized security system to keep your baby safe at all times. The newborn has a special tag placed on the ankle and all entrances and exits are networked with this system to alert us to the baby's movements and the integrity of the tag. Our trained staff carefully monitors your baby with the assistance of our security system.


In addition, we have 24-hour surveillance cameras in hallways of the BirthPlace and after visiting hours the doors are locked and a key card is needed to enter. All BirthPlace staff members are identified with color-coded BLUE photo ID badges and the physicians have GREEN badges. We ask our mothers to check the ID badge before giving her baby to any staff member.

We want the BirthPlace to remain a safe and secure place for you and your newborn. You can help us by following the listed security tips, which are posted in each and every room.

  • Never leave your newborn alone in your room.
  • Never carry your newborn in the hallway; transport baby in the crib provided
  • Never give your newborn to anyone until you have checked for the BLUE or GREEN badge and  photo ID
  • Only mothers may go to the Nursery to pick up newborns; Dads may request for the newborn to be brought to the room.


All BirthPlace visitors must get a separate Security Badge to enter each unit within the BirthPlace (Labor & Delivery, Family Center and the NICU). Badges are available in the Security Office in the Emergency Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visitors can also get a badge from the Security Officer at the information desk inside the Blue Entrance Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm.



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