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It's National Radiologic Technology Week!


Each day thousands of people across the country undergo medical procedures to diagnose or treat an injury or disease. From Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography, MRI to CT, Mammography, Bone Densitometry and more, Radiologic Technologists play a critical role in providing high-quality, safe procedures and treatments.

Within our team of caregivers is a premier group of Registered Technologists® who are certified and registered by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT). These professionals receive this nationally recognized credential by completing an approved educational program, complying with ethics standards and passing a rigorous exam. Because certification and registration must be maintained annually, these professionals remain at the top of their industry in ensuring ongoing quality patient care and safety measures through continuing education and ethics requirements.

All FMH Imaging professionals are certified and registered by ARRT, as well as the Maryland Board of Physicians.

For our Registered Technologists, patient care is giving 110% every time. Providing quality patient care is a recipe of physics, ethics, safety, quality, and relationship building. Certification and registration is an obligation to uphold a profession, as with ARRT’s gold standard in medical imaging, and interventional procedures. According to ARRT, they represent a gold standard in patient care, and as members of our team here at FMH, we couldn’t agree more!

During this National Radiologic Technology Week, Frederick Memorial Hospital would like to thank our Imaging Staff for their hard work, dedication to their profession, and continued support of the FMH mission to provide our patients with superb quality, superb service, all the time.