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FMH Home Health Services


Coming home from the hospital after surgery or a medical event brings comfort and normalcy, but it can also present some challenges. FMH Home Health Services provides nursing, rehabilitation and other skilled services to help these patients become safe and comfortable in their homes again while regaining their former independence and completing their recovery.

This “extension of recovery” piece is especially important for patients with chronic diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). For example, last year alone, worsening symptoms of COPD brought approximately 1.5 million sufferers to Emergency Departments across the country, resulting in 800,000 hospitalizations. Patients with diabetes accounted for an additional 500,000 hospital admissions, and those suffering from flare-ups of other chronic diseases resulted in hundreds of thousands more. In fact, research shows that patients with at least one chronic disease have at least a 25 percent chance of returning to the hospital for similar treatment within 30 days of discharge

FMH has initiated a Care Transitions program to help address chronic re-hospitalizations. Care Transitions staff work closely with other health care providers to be sure a patient’s care stays on track. Many times, FMH Home Health Services plays an important role in helping patients continue their recoveries.

FMH Home Health Services picks up where discharge planning at the hospital leaves off. Nurses in the hospital begin the education process with the patient and family regarding medications, nutrition, safety, and other considerations, and the Home Health team helps implement those things in the home, or wherever the patient calls home—sometimes, an Assisted Living facility. This allows staff to assess any barriers or potential problems which might compromise a patient’s safety, or limit his or her compliance with the plan of care.

FMH Home Health Services provides intermittent, not live-in, care. We are on-call around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year wherever the patient calls home— most often a private residence, or that of a family member. In order to qualify for home health services, patients must:

  • Have medical necessity: The services of FMH Home Health are classified as “skilled services.” To be eligible for this type of care, the patient’s condition must require nursing services such as wound care, and/or physical, occupational and speech therapies.
  • Have a doctor’s order: Home Health Services does not create treatment plans. They implement them. When a patient requires skilled services, the doctor writes an order similar to a prescription that allows the FMH Home Health Services team to begin care in the home.
  • Be homebound: This is a medical term that bears discussion with the patient’s primary care physician. “Homebound” does not mean that patients never leave their homes, but rather that they “require considerable special assistance to leave home.”

FMH Home Health Services provide skilled services including:

  • Medical and surgical nursing
  • Infusion and Enteral Therapy
  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  • Maternal-Child Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Medical Social Work Services

Think you or someone you know could benefit from FMH Home Health services? Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider, or call the FMH Home Health Intake Office at 240-566-3222.