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A Life Reinvented


Sue Marshall has lost more than 80 pounds with the help of FMH weight loss programs and her dog, Jasper. Sue and Jasper walk daily, compete regularly in agility trials, and have hiked the entire Maryland leg of the Appalachian Trail. photo credit: Wayne Ramsay,

By her own admission, Sue Marshall was not the picture of health at the age of 44. At more than 100 pounds overweight, she was suffering from a variety of health conditions—sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, gall bladder issues, and fatty liver disease.

When she experienced post-surgical complications from what should have been a routine gall bladder procedure, Sue vowed to make a change. Not only would she need to shed the excess weight, she would need to learn how to keep it off, and that would mean significant changes in her lifestyle. Urged by her physician and on a friend’s recommendation, she made an appointment at the Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Services at FMH Crestwood.

With a view toward bariatric surgery, Sue began to talk to Weight Loss Navigator and Behaviorist Tammy Norris about her weight loss options. After learning that approval for the surgery required six months of eating a low calorie diet on a structured weight loss program, Sue decided to try New Direction™. She replaced all her meals with nutritionally complete products and followed the program’s suggestions faithfully. She added tennis, hiking, and dog agility training to her routine. Between mid-July and late December 2014, Sue lost 58 pounds on New Direction.

“I can’t emphasize the importance of support from others when you’re losing weight. There are other nutritional replacements out there, but no one offers the education, support and practical advice that you need to stay on track the way New Direction does. And the support I got from the FMH team was absolutely the key to my success.” – Sue Marshall

Early in 2015, Sue transitioned to the Center’s Outlook™ program. With the help of a registered dietitian, she learned to add healthy, fresh foods into her daily diet. At less than 20 pounds from her goal weight, she has recently begun one-on-one nutritional counseling to help her continue to create healthy habits for life.

“The FMH weight loss programs taught me the difference between a failure and a setback,” said Sue. “Just because you eat a piece of cake doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Just get back to the program right away—not the following Monday, not the next day…but with the next bite you take. Little by little, you’ll get there—as long as you don’t quit.”

To learn more, contact Weight Loss Navigator Tammy Norris at 240-215-1474 or You can also learn more about our other nurtrition and weight management programs by clicking here.