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The Art of Yoga - Tree Pose


Tree pose is a traditional balancing pose that is one of the first poses people think of when it comes to yoga. It helps to strengthen your leg muscles and your core as it utilizes your stabilizing muscles in order to maintain balance. This pose was designed to not only strengthen, but also stretch muscles. The traditional theory of this pose was to stand erect on one foot while the other foot is nestled into the upper part of your inner thigh; however, this pose can be modified in many ways to still gain the benefits of Tree pose.

Grab a steady chair (for your safety, we suggest placing it sideways against a wall so it does not move) and stand behind it, with your hands on the top of the backrest. Ground your right foot into the ground, leaning most of your weight into that leg. Begin to lift the left heel off of the floor, externally rotate your knee (take the knee away from your body), and place the heel on your right ankle. If that feels comfortable, try lifting the toes off of the floor so that your entire left foot is nestled into your right leg. If this feels comfortable, continue to travel your left foot up the right leg.

Important Tip

To protect your knee joint, never rest your foot on your knee. Remember to ground into that right foot and stand up tall – try not to lean too far to the right. Once this pose feels comfortable using the chair, try the same foot positions while not holding onto a chair. Hold each side for 10-15 seconds each and remember to breathe.

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