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Local Family Celebrates the Holiday Season with a Tradition of Giving


Children who visited the FMH Pediatric and Pediatric Emergency Department this holiday season received an extra special treat thanks to a recent donation from a local family.

Brandi Balducci, a longtime employee of Frederick Memorial Hospital, is the mom of three boys; 14 year old Brandon, 9 year old Ryan, and 4 year old Aaron. Brandi and her three sons recently visited the FMH Pediatric and Pediatric Emergency Department to deliver toys for children staying at FMH during the holiday season.

Giving around the Christmas holiday is a tradition for Brandi and her family. Brandon, Ryan, and Aaron each save a small portion of any money they make or are gifted (birthdays, holidays, etc.) and set it aside in a donation bank. Then, at Christmas, one of the boys decides where/how they are going to donate the money they’ve saved. This year, the boys had a little extra to spend; “Ryan and Aaron both won a costume contest where the prize was $35 each to Toys R Us.”

At four years old, Aaron had the idea to donate toys to the FMH Pediatric and Pediatric Emergency Department this year. “We were driving home from pre-school one afternoon and Aaron says to me ‘Mommy, I want to buy toys for the kids that will be in the hospital at Christmas time.’ It just so happened to be Aaron's year to pick. He said he wanted to give to the kids in the hospital to make them happy.”

While the boys select most of the donated toys, Brandi was able to get in on the fun; “It was so much fun shopping for these toys and games! As a mom of three boys, it was nice to shop in different sections of the store to make sure we were getting something for everyone.”

Spending the holidays in the hospital can be a difficult situation for families and children. Thanks to this donation, we were able to make a hospital stay a little bit easier for some of our smallest patient’s this holiday season. Thank you, Brandon, Ryan, and Aaron for your generous donation to the FMH Pediatric and Pediatric Emergency Department!

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