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Creating a Game Plan - Multidisciplinary Rounding


To help ensure that an individual’s care is well coordinated while a patient at Frederick Memorial Hospital, the hospital has started a process called “multidisciplinary rounding.” At a prescribed time, everyone involved in the care of hospitalized patients on a particular floor gets together to share information, adjust plans of care when needed, and discuss which members of the team will follow-up on a list of action items and when.

Multidisciplinary Rounding at FMH is currently held in a conference room, and is typically co-led by a hospitalist and the charge nurse for the floor. Team members review one patient at a time, considering, for example, if a diabetic patient’s blood sugar is under control, and looking at other vital signs. Plans are made and orders are written on the spot. A pharmacist may talk about medications ordered, suggest alternatives, or discuss an educational plan for a patient who will be going home on an anticoagulant for the first time. Social workers and case managers may note potential barriers to care after discharge, including the absence of stable housing or a support system, lack of transportation, and other financial challenges.

Care team members say that this type of on-the-spot availability results in fewer mistakes and redundancies, better patient care and workflow, better communication between physicians and nurses, and fewer interruptions later on.

“Multidisciplinary Rounding gives team members a game plan for the rest of their day,” says Director of Nursing & Behavioral Health Mike McLane. “Everyone walks out of the conference with an organized list of what they need to accomplish, for whom and when. It’s how we get everyone on the same page while keeping patients—their comfort, satisfaction and outcomes—at the center of everything we do.”


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