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Internal Medicine Associates Joins Monocacy Health Partners


Members of Monocacy Health Partners Internal Medicine Associates (pictured L-R): Dr. Bianca Udugampola-Stewart, Dr. Robert L. Kaufmann, Dr. Katherine Buki, Dr. A. Austin Pearre Jr., and Dr. Yassin Mohamed.

Everywhere you look, healthcare is changing. Physicians, hospitals, and other providers are coming together to help assure that patients receive the right care at the right time from the right professional—all the while avoiding duplication of services and spending healthcare dollars as wisely as possible. Locally, Frederick Regional Health System has created Monocacy Health Partners to help accomplish these goals.

Monocacy Health Partners (MHP) is an affiliation of practices representing primary care, family medicine, and a wide range of specialties. As members of the same umbrella organization, MHP member physicians and practices work together by sharing patient information, coordinating the need for diagnostic tests, conferring with one another about results, planning recovery and rehabilitation programs, and ensuring that all medicines prescribed are compatible with the overall treatment plan.

One of the newest practices to affiliate with Monocacy Health Partners is Internal Medicine Associates, a highly respected practice serving Frederick since the 1920s. As a Monocacy Health Partners member practice, Internal Medicine Associates has gained access to additional practice management features, including an electronic medical record system.

The busy practice has recently welcomed two new physicians: Dr. Bianca Udugampola-Stewart and Dr. Yassin Mohamed.

Page 6 Image 1181A board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Bianca Udugampola-Stewart completed her medical training in Internal Medicine at West Virginia University School of Medicine, West Virginia University Hospital. She worked at FMH as a hospitalist for seven years and specializes in wellness and preventive medicine, obesity medicine, and weight loss. Dr. Udugampola-Stewart lives in Frederick with her husband and two young children.

Page 6 Image 1214A board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Yassin Mohamed completed his Internal Medicine residency at Abingdon Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania. He worked as an internal medicine physician at an Internal Medicine and Nephrology Clinic in Alabama for 10 years before moving his family to Frederick. Dr. Mohamed has a particular interest in diabetes, osteoarthritis, and men’s health issues.

For more information or to make an appointment at MHP Internal Medicine Associates, call 301-662-8119. To learn more about Monocacy Health Partners and its member providers, visit

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