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Mammography FAQ's


Q: What is the difference between a screening and a diagnostic mammogram?

A:A screening mammogram is routinely ordered annually for women with no current breast issues. A diagnostic mammogram is ordered to evaluate specific breast findings, including lumps, pain, discharge, skin changes or other potential abnormalities noted on a screening mammogram.

Q: What is a 3D Mammography Breast Exam?

A:3D (3-dimensional) mammography is a new screening and diagnostic tool designed to detect early breast cancer. An x-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images. A computer uses these images to produce a 3D image of the breast tissue in one millimeter slices, allowing the radiologist reading and interpreting the mammogram to see more detail than ever before.

Q: What are the benefits of 3D Mammography?

A: Digital breast images provides the radiologist with a single flat image. Sometimes, breast tissue can overlap, making normal breast tissue look like an abnormal area. Done in conjunction with conventional, digital breast imaging, the 3D mammogram provides the radiologist with a better understanding of the patient’s breast tissue, and often makes follow-up imaging unnecessary.

Q: Who can have a 3D mammogram?

A: The procedure is approved for all women who would be undergoing a standard mammogram in both the screening and diagnostic settings. Because insurance companies do not cover the costs, patients who select 3D mammography are responsible for an additional fee.

Frederick Memorial Hospital offers same-day mammography services at our Rose Hill, Crestwood, Urbana, and Mt. Airy facilities. 3D mammography technology is available at our Rose Hill and Crestwood locations. Talk to your doctor about 3D mammography to determine if it’s the right choice for you. To schedule your mammography appointment at any of our four locations, please call 240-566-3400.

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