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Safe at Home with FMH Home Health Services


When you are recovering from surgery or an injury, or coping with a severe or chronic illness, it’s true: there is no place like home. But if your coordination, mobility or balance has been affected, your home may not be the safe haven it once was.

“Because our homes are places of comfort and security, they can be a very effective setting for recovery and rehabilitation,” says FMH Home Health Services Director Heidi Brown. “However, now that the patient’s needs have changed following a surgical procedure or other medical event, there may be things in the home that are barriers to safety, such as stairs or bathrooms. So the first thing we do is evaluate the patient in their home, assess any barriers to mobility and develop a care plan specific to their needs.”

According to Brown, FMH Home Health picks up where discharge planning at the hospital leaves off. The Care Transitions team begins the education process with you and your family regarding your medications, nutrition, safety and other considerations before you leave the hospital, and the Home Health team helps you put those things into practice when you get home. Depending on your particular needs, you FMH Home Health team may include professional practitioners in nursing, wound care, infusion therapy and rehabilitation therapy.

For more than 40 years, FMH Home Health Services has been providing exactly this type of personalized, compassionate, skilled care to the citizens of Frederick County. In close collaboration with your doctors, your family and other caregivers, FMH Home Health helps create a safe environment in your home to keep your recovery on track and help you return to a healthy, independent life.

“Typically, our patients want to become as healthy and independent as possible after a significant medical setback,” said Brown. “FMH Home Health works with their doctors to find the right combination of nursing visits, physical therapy and other services to make that happen.”

Think you or someone you know could benefit from FMH Home Health Services? Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider, or call our Intake Office at 240-566-3222.