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Cancer Treatment - It Takes a Team


On a typical afternoon in October of 2013, Lucy was spending the day doing her usual household chores and inadvertently noticed a lump on the side of her breast. Worried, Lucy called her OBGYN and was ultimately referred to Dr. Susan Bahl at the FMH Center for Breast Care. “Of course I was scared; you just pray everything is going to work out.”

With her two children at her side for support, Lucy received an official diagnosis—she had breast cancer.

After meeting with Dr. Bahl to discuss treatment options, as well as the pros and cons of various treatment plans, Lucy and her family were given a clear picture of what her breast cancer treatment plan would include. “I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. I had a lumpectomy and four lymph nodes removed. Cancer cells were found in two of the four nodes that were removed.” In close partnership with Dr. Bahl, additional physicians and clinical staff joined Lucy’s care team for chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Dr. Bahl referred Lucy to the FRHS Regional Cancer Therapy Center, where she met with physicians from Oncology Care Consultants and with Dr. Meredith Wernick from Radiation Oncology.

For Lucy, interactions with the staff at the FRHS Regional Cancer Therapy Center, Oncology Care Consultants, Radiation Oncology, and the FMH Center for Breast Care made all the difference. “Everyone was always so pleasant and caring. I had four chemotherapy treatments and 32 radiation treatments. My doctors and nurses always took the time to explain my procedures, and answer any questions I had, which helped to reduce my anxiety.”

Having a team of physicians and clinical experts close to her home and work made Lucy's cancer treatment a little bit easier. “I had to have treatment every day, and continue to work every day (because I needed my insurance). Having my care right here…it was the best. My family was right here and my commute to and from treatment was easy.” Follow-up care for Lucy is just as easy; the same team of care providers that guided Lucy through her cancer treatment in 2013 continue to monitor her with routine check-ups every 6 months. “I feel so blessed knowing I’m being taken care of by such wonderful doctors.”

Today, Lucy is cancer free. “Minus some arthritis, I feel great! I’m retired now, so I'm enjoying life and spending time with my children and grandchildren.”

To learn more about cancer treatment options at Frederick Regional Health System, visit: or call 301-418-6465.

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