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Celebrate National Mammography Day


Join Frederick Memorial Hospital and Frederick Regional Health System as we celebrate National Mammography Day on October 21st! The very first National Mammography Day was proclaimed by President Bill Clinton in 1993. This day of recognition serves as a reminder to all women that the best defense in the fight against Breast Cancer is early detection.

FMH Imaging Services is proud to be the only provider to deliver same day breast imaging services to the Frederick community. Our patient-friendly workflow allows us to reduce call backs for additional images (when needed), ultimately reducing stress for our patients, and the need for additional follow-up appointments.

The latest Hologic 3D Mammography screening technologies are available at our Rose Hill and Crestwood facilities; providing convenient access to FMH Imaging Services no matter where our patients live and work within Frederick County. Click here to view our locations, hours of operation, and contact details.

When arriving at one of our FMH Imaging Services location, patients are given the opportunity to take the Hughes/CRA Risk Assessment while seated in a private environment. This genetic screening questionnaire will assist in calculating an individual’s lifetime risk of developing cancer based on their family history. A mammogram is then performed by a licensed Mammographer. On-site Radiologists then read the exam and determine if any additional testing is needed. If so, additional images can be obtained the very same day. If a biopsy is recommended, an on-site Imaging Navigator will assist our patients by providing education about the exam, obtaining personal and family medical history, answering any questions, and providing assistance in scheduling the necessary follow-up exams.

When leaving an FMH Imaging Services location after having a mammogram, all of our patients receive a copy of their Mammogram results, their genetic risk score, and breast density notice (if a patient is identified as having dense breasts).

Join us in the fight against Breast Cancer by scheduling your mammogram today!
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