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Participate in Donate Life Month and Help Make a Difference


Participate in Donate Life Month and Help Make a Difference

Are you registered as an organ donor? It’s one of the easiest ways that you can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Frederick Memorial Hospital invites you to register today as part of Donate Life Month this April.

Thousands of Maryland residents are currently waiting for organ donations, and the decision to become a donor could affect the lives of not just the person receiving the donation, but also their loved ones. It’s a decision that ensures that you leave behind a legacy of giving to those in need. Thirty-one lives were saved at Frederick Memorial Hospital in 2016 due to the life-saving gift of organ donation.

Frederick Memorial Hospital is proud that every year thousands of Frederick County residents make the decision to register as organ donors, and we hope you’ll consider taking that step this April.

Donate Life Month

Every April, Maryland celebrates a national observance of Donate Life Month (DLM). This month-long observance features local, regional, and national activities and initiatives that include Donate Life flag raisings, information tables, and donor memorial ceremonies. Join Frederick Memorial Hospital at this year’s events, including:

  • Flags Across America, an annual event where individuals are asked to raise a Donate Life flag during the month of April to honor organ, eye, and tissue donors. We’ll be raising our flag on April 6, 2017.
  • #In1Word, a campaign where you can show your support for organ and tissue donation by posting a photo or text post on social media, explaining why you’re passionate about this cause, using the hashtag #In1Word. You can even write the reason for your support on a printable sign, which can be downloaded here. Afterwards, display the sign somewhere visible, like a car window or your work cubicle.
  • Be Seen in Green, held on Friday, April 21st to show your support for organ donation by wearing green. With nearly 3, 800 Marylanders currently waiting for a transplant, events like this are crucial to raising awareness and making sure that people understand how big of a difference they could make by registering. Make sure that you share your support on social media using #BeSeenInGreen.

How to Register

Deciding to become a registered organ donor ensures that you leave a lasting legacy as a person who cares about others and wants to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Registering online is fast, easy to do, and completely secure. To register, just go to to fill out a simple form. Make sure you have your driver license and ID # with you and you’ll be a certified hero in no time.

You can also register in person at the MVA when obtaining a new driver’s license or state identification card or when you’re renewing your license or ID. If you choose to register as a donor, you’ll be given the option of having the heart symbol noted on your license or ID. A person can check or change their registration status any time online or at the MVA.

The Living Legacy Foundation

Want to learn more? For years, the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland has been working to save lives through organ and tissue donation, inspire Marylanders to help make a difference and register for organ donation, and pay tribute to the legacy of organ donors who have given the gift of life to those in need. The Foundation provides information to the public on how to register as a donor, the facts about donation, dispelling common myths about organ donation, and how volunteers and supporters can get involved.

“Our goal is to educate as many Marylanders as possible on the importance of organ and tissue donation,” says Sarah Weaver, Hospital Services Coordinator at the Living Legacy Foundation. “If we inspire someone to register as an organ donor and help to save someone’s life, we’ve done our job.”

Go to the Living Legacy Foundation’s website to read personal stories about how receiving a transplant or being close to someone who provided one has changed people’s lives for the better. You can also learn more about upcoming events that you can get involved in, or even register to become a donor.

Register as a Donor Today!

Making the decision to become a registered donor will not only make you feel like a hero, it could change the lives of one individual and all of their loved ones. Join us in celebrating Donate Life Month this April. For more information on how you can make a difference, go to