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Finding the Right Fit - FMH Rehabilitation Services


Cecelia with Physical Therapist Quentin at FMH Aspen Hill

Choosing healthcare providers from a single network or health system allows you and your loved ones to tap into the full benefit of continuous, coordinated care. Every member of your healthcare team will have access to your electronic medical records, allowing them to see what conditions, symptoms, lab work and tests you’ve had—and when. They can also see what drugs you’re taking, and any allergies you may have. All of your providers will be on the same page—literally. In short, when everyone on your healthcare team works together, you get the best care possible.

Selecting FMH Rehabilitation Services after an illness, injury, or surgery is an easy way to help assure that continuity of your healthcare. After receiving pre-operative education and inpatient rehabilitation services, patients who receive knee or hip replacements at Frederick Memorial Hospital can continue their physical therapy through FMH Rehabilitation Services. For those patients who are leaving the hospital with care plans that include home health and rehabilitation services, they can also continue their relationship with FMH through FMH Home Health—another great way to preserve the continuity of care that's so important to patient success.

After several false starts at other clinics, Cecelia Dyke says she finally found what she was looking for at FMH Rehabilitation Services at Aspen Ridge. In addition to the friendliness of the staff, the privacy of the therapy areas, and the upbeat atmosphere; Cecelia says the rehab plan her therapist created for her is really working.

“I definitely feel better,” she says. “Quentin is really good at showing me what I need to do to relieve my back pain—he even gives me educational information to take home. I know he is staying in touch with my doctors, and that gives me peace of mind. I expected that he would be knowledgeable, but he is also understanding and compassionate. He has taken a real interest in me personally—and that means a lot. I actually look forward to coming in for my appointments!

When you or a family member needs rehabilitation services, ask your doctor to refer you to FMH Rehabilitations Services, or simply call 240-566-3132. We’ll review your healthcare needs and assist you with moving toward maximum recovery.

To learn more about FMH Rehabilitation Services, click here.

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