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Pastoral Care Services

Pastoral and spiritual care resources are offered on a 24 hour basis, through the Department of Pastoral Care. These resources address not only what many commonly think of as religious concerns, but also spiritual concerns. Few of us, whether religious or not, escape questions and doubts in the face of illness, traumatic injury, or, in preparation for surgery. Pastoral and spiritual care is offered to support the emotions these questions can evoke, and to help bring about and maintain an enhanced sense of spiritual well-being. It is important to understand, pastoral and spiritual care within the FMH health care setting does not represent any particular religious or faith tradition to the exclusion of others. More importantly, it does not seek to introduce any particular religious viewpoint not already embraced by an individual.

Frederick Memorial Healthcare System staff deeply respect the spiritual practices embraced by the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural patients we are committed to serve. All pastoral and spiritual care resources are available to patients and their families during the course of their hospital stay, while in a nursing home, or at home when care is continued through either FMH Home Health Care, or Hospice of Frederick County. The resources encompass the following:

  • Assistance in notifying your personal Clergy, Priest, Rabbi, Church, or Worship Center;
  • 24 hour access to the hospitals Interfaith Chapel and Meditation Room;
  • A Hospital Chaplain available, by request through your nurse, on a 24 hour basis and qualified to administer the sacraments (i.e., baptism, communion, anointing);
  • Spiritual and religious support materials available in the form of audio cassettes, videos, and written publications;
  • Bibles and select bible messages, on audio cassette, available in the following languages: English, German, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Phone: 240-566-3607
    Fax: 240-566-3872

For more details, please take a look at our Clinical Pastoral Education Program at FMH (PDF) brochure.



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