For Patients

What is Emmi?

Emmi is a series of animated, online programs that walk you through important information about a health topic, condition, or procedure you may be having. We want to ensure you have all the resources you need to be in control of your own health, so these programs are offered free of cost by Frederick Memorial Hospital

What to Expect

If your healthcare team prescribe you an Emmi program, you may receive an email or phone call with instructions on how to go online and view the education. Your email and phone number will remain secure, and will not be used for anything other than providing your Emmi instructions. You might receive an Emmi if:

  • You are scheduled for an appointment or procedure at Frederick Memorial Hospital
  • You have recently been discharged from the hospital or Emergency Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I received an email or phone call from Emmi?

Your care team at Frederick wants to ensure you are fully informed about any medical condition, risks and benefits of treatment, and what to expect from a visit to the hospital. With Emmi, you can be more informed and in control.

Is Emmi Mandatory?

Emmi is meant to supplement the care you are already receiving at Frederick, and therefore is not mandatory.

Is my health information still safe if I use Emmi?

Yes! Emmi abides by the requirements under the federal regulation knows as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to maintain the privacy of your health information.

How do I use Emmi?

If you received an email or phone call from Emmi, it will have contained a unique 11 digit Access Code. Go to and enter this code and your date of birth to view your assigned programs.

If you forgot your Access Code, or have any questions, feel free to contact the Emmi Support Team, at 866.294.3664 or at