Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Patient Bill of Rights

FMH's staff contributes to your health and well-being by providing quality healthcare as prescribed by those who are treating you. We want you and your family to know your rights and responsibilities as a patient receiving services at any FMH facility.

  1. You have the right to receive quality medical care, regardless of your race, religion, color, creed, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability or handicap, age, military service, or the source of payment for your care.
  2. You have the right to be treated respectfully by others and to be addressed by your proper name without undue familiarity.

    We tell you who we are and what we do. We call you by your name. When you have a question, you may expect to be listened to and receive an appropriate and helpful response.

    We honor your privacy and protect the confidentiality of your healthcare information. If you are being cared for in a setting where there are others present, you can expect a sincere and reasonable attempt to keep all conversations confidential within our capability. We ask you and your family to respect others' privacy by respecting confidential conversations.

    When you are examined, you are entitled to privacy-to have the curtains drawn or doors dosed, to know what role any observer may have in your care, and to have any observer unrelated to your care leave if you so request.

    We respect your personal values, beliefs, and cultural heritage. Chaplains are available to assist you and your family with religious or spiritual support upon request.

  3. You have the right to communicate with your providers in a language you understand.

    For those with limited English proficiency, FMH provides qualified interpreters, either in person or by phone, as deemed appropriate. For deaf or hard of hearing patients, ASL qualified interpreters are available either from FMH staffed interpreter service or Video Remote Interpreter (VRI).

    Interpretation services are available for you, your decision makers, and those involved in your care at no cost to you or your insurance company.

    To ensure accuracy of information and confidentiality of your information, FMH encourages you to use our qualified interpreters when discussing your health needs with your providers, rather than using your family or friends.

  4. You have the right to be cared for in a medically safe, secure, and healing environment.

    Please immediately report to our staff any situation that appears unsafe.

    Although removal of your clothing may be necessary to properly perform many medical examinations and procedures, you may refuse to remove your clothing or wear your own clothing. However, when there are clinical and safety concerns about risks to you or to others, removal of your own clothing may be required.

    Restraints are used only when verbal de-escalation fails and as necessary to ensure your safety or the safety of staff or others. Restraints are never used as a means of punishment. The method of restraint used is the least restrictive means necessary for the protection of the patient or others. When used, staff takes all reasonable attempts to maintain a patient's privacy and dignity. You have the right to feel safe in personal relationships, as this can affect your health and well-being. If you feel unsafe or if you are being hurt in any of your relationships, staff members at FMH are available to help you plan for and maintain your safety.

    Staff is required to assess and report abuse/neglect or exploitation of children, aged persons, disabled adults, and domestic violence victims. Brochures that list community resources are available.

  5. You have the right to take part in decisions relating to your healthcare.

    We work together to coordinate your healthcare needs for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, comfort, care, and support. If you choose, we will involve your family in your care as much as possible.

    You have the right to make informed decisions regarding your care, to receive information about your health status, and to request or refuse treatment. If you decide to refuse treatment or change your mind about a procedure for which you have given consent, we will respect your decision and inform you of the medical consequences and any options. You may establish Advance Directives to provide your healthcare instructions, appoint a healthcare agent, or become an organ donor. It is important for you to communicate your Advance Directives or any changes and provide us a copy of your written instructions.

    If you choose to change physicians or be moved to another facility, we will do our best to assist you in obtaining care elsewhere whenever possible.

    If you are facing a difficult treatment or care related issue, you and/or your family may consult with the Ethics Committee if the issue has not been resolved through discussion with your healthcare team.

  6. You have the right to a full explanation of any research study in which you may be asked to participate.

    If you are asked to take part in a research study related to your illness, you may choose not to join this study or to withdraw from it at any time. Your refusal to participate or withdraw from a study will not affect your access to quality medical care at FMH.

  7. You have the right to appropriate assessment and management of pain.

    Your doctor and nurse will assess your pain and involve you in decisions about managing pain effectively. In addition, staff will seek to educate you about effective pain management practices

  8. You have the right to receive visitors of your choosing that you or your support person designate.

    You may have anyone you want visit you, including your spouse or domestic partner, other family members, and friends. Also, you may limit or restrict your visitors.

    Your physician may restrict visitation for therapeutic reasons. If your visitation is restricted by your physician, an explanation will be provided to you.

    Certain areas of the hospital have stricter visitation policies for the protection of those patients, visitors, and/or staff Limitations on the number of visitors, the age of visitors, and the times at which visitors may be present are reasonable and necessary measures dependent on the particular setting or circumstances.

    We reserve the right to restrict or remove any visitor who refuses to follow hospital policy or who is perceived to be disruptive or a threat to anyone-patient, visitor, or staff

  9. You have the right to be informed in writing of your rights when you are admitted. If you are unable to accept this information, we will give it to your representative.

    If you are a behavioral health patient, you will be informed on admission and in accordance with Maryland law of specific rights relating to your care.

    A copy of FM H's Notice of Privacy Practices related to HIPA A will be provided to you.

    You may request and receive an itemized bill with explanation of all hospital services and charges.

    You may inquire and receive information about the possibility of financial assistance.

  10. You have the right to access your medical records.

    As a general rule, we do not recommend that you review your medical records during an admission because, while you are an inpatient, your medical record is incomplete.
    Patients who have been discharged may request copies of their medical records from the Health Information Management office (240-566-3444). For your protection, we require a signed authorization and positive identification to release medical record information.

  11. You have the right not to be exposed to the smoking of others.
    FMH is a totally tobacco/inhaled nicotine-free environment. We ask for cooperation from you and your visitors.
    If you typically use tobacco/inhaled nicotine products, you will not be allowed to use them while on hospital property. Discuss this situation with your physician.

  12. You have the right to receive information about how you can get assistance with concerns, problems, or complaints about the quality of care or service you receive, and to initiate a formal grievance process with FMH or with state regulatory agencies.

    Should you have concerns about the quality of care or service that you are receiving, you are encouraged to speak to the providers directly involved in your care, the manager and/or the director of the department, or the Service Excellence Department by calling 240-566-3564.

    If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, or if you would like the help of someone not immediately involved, you may contact:

    The Office of Health Care Quality
    7120 Samuel Morse Drive
    Second Floor
    Columbia, MD 21046
    410-402-8015 or 877-402-8218


    The Joint Commission
    Office of Quality and Patient Safety
    One Renaissance Boulevard
    Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Patient Responsibilities

To ensure FMH's ability to provide you with the best care possible, we ask that you accept the responsibility to:

  1. Provide accurate and complete information regarding your identity, medical history, hospitalizations, medications, dietary supplements (herbal and other nutritional supplements), and current health concerns. Report any changes in health to care providers.
  2. Follow treatment plans recommended by physicians and other healthcare providers working under the attending physician's direction. Let care providers know immediately if you need clarification or do not understand your plan of care or the health instructions you are given.
  3. Participate and collaborate in your treatment and in planning for post-hospital care. Let us know how we can assist you in following your plan of care.
  4. Be part of the pain management team. If you are receiving pain medications, ask your medical team about pain management options. Use pain medications as prescribed and provide feedback if certain methods are not working well for you.
  5. Be considerate and respectful to other patients, visitors, and staff members. Do what you can to help control noise, and ensure that your visitors are considerate as well. Be respectful of FMH property.
  6. Follow FMH rules and regulations, including those that prohibit offensive, threatening, and/or abusive language or behavior, and the use of tobacco, inhaled nicotine, alcohol, or illicit drugs or substances. Help ensure that your visitors are aware of and follow those rules.
  7. Provide accurate and complete financial information and work with FMH to ensure that financial obligations related to your care are met. Notify FMH promptly if there is a hardship so that we may assist you as needed.
    Una copia en espanol de Las Responsabilidades y Derechos def Paciente est6 a su disposici6n si usted la desea. Por favor p6ngase en contacto con la Oficina de Servicios para Pacientes 1/amando al 240-566-3564.