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Religious Quick Reference Guides

Guides for Understanding Diverse Worldviews within an Inter-Cultural Society

This guide is a work published by Frederick Memorial Healthcare System's Director of Pastoral Care Services, the Reverend Dr. G. Kay Myers It details how medical care and religious belief so often overlap, and how the healthcare system strives to treat the whole patient -- not just his or her physical ailments.

Reverend Myers then considers a total of 11 major world religions; highlighting how each faith views its deity or deities, human nature, what each considers to be a person's purpose in life, the religion's views on morality and spirituality, and finally their views on life after death. 

The complete Quick Reference Guide

Introduction and General Discussion of Religion and How We Understand It

Read about Christianity.

Read about Islam

Read about Judaism.

Read about Sikhism.

Read about Zoroastrianism

Read about Buddhism

Read about Confucianism

Read about Hinduism

Read about Jainism

Read about the Shinto faith. 

Read about Taoism.



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