Family Practice

Family Practice in Frederick, MD

Standard of Excellence in Family Medicine

Our family practice services at Frederick Regional Health System are designed to provide holistic wellness services to our community. We are proud to provide the best possible care for our patients. Frederick Regional Health System has been serving patients since 1902. We provide medical care services for our patients of all ages with an eye toward treating the patient as a whole. We maintain our standard of excellent care with pride. Our team includes Frederick family physicians, physician’s assistants (PA), and registered nurses.

What Is Family Medicine?

Family medicine or family practice encompasses all ages and areas of care. This includes all diseases and organ systems. As a comprehensive form of care, it includes biological sciences, clinical sciences, and behavioral sciences.

Serving Patients in Frederick County & Across Maryland Since 1902

Our family medicine practitioners at Frederick Regional Health System provide health for individuals and families. We are your medical home in Frederick County. Our facilities are state of the art, with professional and compassionate staff members here to provide the care your family needs. We have multiple conveniently located facilities throughout Maryland for your ease of access to necessary care as well as your peace of mind.

Why can trust the team Frederick Regional Health System:

  • We emphasize whole body wellness.
  • We provide education and access to the resources you need to be a partner in your health journey.
  • We utilize the most advanced technology and techniques.
  • We get to know you, your individual needs, and your history of health.
  • We emphasize compassionate care.

Does My Child Need Emergency Medical Care?

If you think your child needs immediate medical attention, do not hesitate to visit the emergency department of your nearest Frederick, MD hospital. It is normal for children to struggle to communicate what they are experiencing. Trust your gut and remember: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

For more information about our family medicine services, contact Frederick Regional Health System today.