Home Health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Health Care?

FMH Home Health Care provides a variety of highly skilled care by Registered Nurses, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, Home Health Aides, Chronic Disease Specialist, Wound Care Specialist, and a Licensed Social Worker. We also offer Interpreter Services as needed for our non- English speaking patients. These services are provided in the comfort of your home to help restore you to optimal health and are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances.

What is the difference between Home Health Care and Home Care?

Home Health Care is covered at 100% by the Medicare Part A benefit and other insurances offer reimbursement depending upon coverage. Home Care is paid by you, the consumer, at 100%. It is helpful to ask your physician if Home Health is appropriate for your specific situation.

When is Home Health Care necessary?

Home Health Care may be necessary for a variety of reasons: when newly diagnosed with a chronic illness, following a hospital stay or skilled nursing home stay, recovering from illness, recent falls, surgery, stroke, heart attack, or an accident.

How can I contact my nurse or therapist?

Call our office at 240-566-3568 in order to be connected to your clinician as quickly as possible.

What if I need help at night or on weekends?

FMH Home Health can always be reached and has a 24-hour answering service, 7-days-a-week by calling 240-566-3568.

Will my insurance pay for these services?

FMH Home Health staff will review your insurance benefits to ensure coverage is available to you. FMH Home Health participates with Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances. Home Health services are a 100% paid Medicare Part A benefit. Other insurances also provide varying levels of coverage.

When will FMH Home Health call me after I have been referred for home health care?

Within 24-48 hours of receiving a referral on your behalf our scheduling staff will be in touch with you to arrange your first visit.

What happens on the first visit?

During the first visit, a nurse or physical therapist will perform a comprehensive assessment and will develop a care plan with you and your physician.

How can I take charge of my own health in between nurse visits?

It is important to follow your medication schedule, as prescribed by your physician. FMH Home Health Care offers a valuable service via our Tele-Monitoring program which will monitor your vital signs, weight and includes added support from our Chronic Disease Nurse when appropriate. If you have any health changes in between visits, it is important to contact FMH Home Health at 240-566-3568 so we can offer assistance. Following discharge from our services, we may recommend disease-specific education and support group meetings, where you can ask questions and learn from others who are experiencing the same health issues.

What are my rights as a patient?

At FMH Home Health services, your privacy is a priority. We follow strict federal and state guidelines to maintain the confidentiality of your medical information. You may:

  • Request that we restrict how we use or disclose your medical information (we may not be able to comply with all requests)
  • Request that we use a specific telephone number or address to communicate with you