Ways to Remember

Attend Our Annual Memorial Service
Each year, Hospice of Frederick County hosts a non-denominational Memorial Service for the families and friends of patients who have died. Hospice staff and volunteers join with the families and friends to celebrate the lives of these individuals.

Give An Angel Ornament
angel-ornament.jpgGive one of these lovely ornaments as a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one, or place it on your own tree. These beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments tipped with 22K gold on the wings and halo are packaged in a satin pillowed gift box. The ornament can be personalized with a name and/or dates. Personalized Angel ornaments are available for $25. Beautiful gold stands available for $5.00.
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Wear a Remembrance Bracelet
remembrance-bracelets.jpgA simple white bracelet with the word "Remember" affirms a special relationship and continues the connection with someone special who has died. Although the loss of a loved one is permanent, the bracelet is a reminder that the individual remains part of the life of the person who is wearing it. Positive memories help to ease the ache that is left in the wake of a loss. Bracelets are available at the Hospice office.

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