Complimentary Therapy

Complementary Therapies are different techniques that can be used along with conventional medical care to provide comfort to our patients

Hospice of Frederick County provides the best possible care for our patients and families. We offer a variety of the following holistic therapies and services for comfort and symptom relief. These services are available to the patients at home, in facilicties and the Kline house. These therapies include:

Music Comfort – Singers who bring comfort to our patients and families. Gentle voices, and simple songs soothe and reassure patients and families.

Pet Therapy – visits by certified pet to offer comfort, tactile stimulation and unconditional love. Our Hospets are provide through partnerships with several pet certifying organizations. Hospice of Frederick County also has it’s own comfort dog “Steeler” who donated by Stauffer Funeral Home.

Reiki – A gentle energy technique involving hands place lightly on or just above the body to promote relaxation, comfort and sense of well-being. All volunteers are qualified.

Massage Therapy – provided by qualified volunteers is a manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance a patient’s health and well being .

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