Levels of Care

At Hospice of Frederick County we offer different levels of care depending on the patient’s needs and wishes.

Routine Home Care- Available wherever your loved one considers home( private residence, nursing home, assisted living community) The Hospice team members visit your loved one, usually one at a time and at varying intervals based on a routine that is determined by the plan of care. This could be daily, semiweekly , weekly ect., depending on your loved one’s needs

Continuous Care Provided in the home in continuous shifts of up to 24 hours by hospice nurses and aides during brief periods of crisis. This level of care could be appropriate if, for example, your loved one’s medical needs required constant monitoring in the home, nursing home, or assisted living community.

Inpatient Care Provided in an inpatient hospice unit/bed in a designated healthcare facility for a short period when your loved one’s medical needs cannot be managed at home.

Respite Care Patients being cared for at home are offered a brief stay in an inpatient setting to give family members and other caregivers a rest or allow for time away.

Kline Hospice House A home-like environment where compassionate care is provided. If it’s not possible for the patient to remain in a private residence or nursing home/facility, the hospice house is available to those whose life expectancy is measured in weeks.

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