Joint Works Patient Education Class Reservation

Please be advised of the following instructions as listed below:

  1. Bring your FMH Guide to Surgery Folder provided by your surgeon’s office (if you have received it yet.)
  2. Bring a family member member/friend—“coach” to this class. This is not required, but highly recommended.
  3. Notify the Orthopedic Program Coordinator if you will require interpreting services (i.e. sign language or specific language other than English) and the appropriate accommodations will be provided by FMH throughout your experience.
  4. Arrive to the location indicated of your class approximately 10-15 minutes prior to class time to ensure timely parking and arrival into the main lobby.
  5. Upon arrival please follow directions on your reservation form to get to your classroom location.
  6. Please contact Angela Michael, Orthopedic Program Coordinator, 240-566-3785 or amichael@fmh.org if you should have any questions or concerns or if you would need to reschedule.

Surgical Schedulers please provide patient with FMH Pre-Surgical Education dates / times form for them to PICK their preferred class of attendance during their pre-op visit with their surgeon. Please complete this internet reservation form as their preference form indicates. Once completed, please print and provide the FMH Pre-Surgical Education registration confirmation to the patient with instructions for attendance to the class. This form serves as their registration confirmation for the class. Thank you! Any questions, contact Orthopaedic Program Coordinator 240-566-3785.


**In the event of inclement weather, an announcement will be made by 5PM on the prior day before scheduled class if class scheduled for 9am-11:30am. All other class times, 1pm-3:30pm and 5pm-7:30pm, will be made on the day of scheduled class by 10am. Announcements will be made on 106.9 FM and on fmh.org if class should need to be cancelled. **

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