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Taking it to Heart

June 8th was a Sunday, and Geoffrey Slevin woke up early. His 7-month-old son, Zac, was awake too, so he decided to put the baby in the jog-stroller and go for a run in his Spring Ridge neighborhood before getting the family ready for Mass.

About a half mile from his home, the 37-year old father of four collapsed. A neighbor out for a walk saw Geoff fall, and called 911. Another neighbor, a nurse by training whose daughter is in Girl Scouts with the Slevin girls, stopped and began CPR while still another neighbor attended to little Zac.

According to Geoff's wife, Dana, the Spring Ridge Fire Department quickly responded and took over CPR. They defibrillated Geoff and transported him to FMH, where Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Laurence Kelley immediately deemed him a candidate for a coronary bypass surgery. Geoff was then airlifted to Washington Adventist Hospital.

After successful surgery and a 4-week hospital stay, Geoff returned home to undergo speech and cognitive therapy. He recently completed the FMH Cardiac Rehab program, and is eagerly awaiting his return to work at BP Solar.

Geoff remembers little of his extraordinary ordeal, but his memories of the rehabilitation phase of his experience are very clear.

"All of us [patients] at FMH Cardiac Rehab agree that many of us would not be here today were it not for this new level of care at FMH," he says. "We have the highest praise for the hospital, and want everyone in the community to know how fortunate we are to have a healthcare system like FMH available to us."

"Were it not for the immediate and effective efforts of the first responders, and the wisdom and skill of the cardiac intervention team at FMH, Geoff would likely not be with us today," adds Dana Slevin. "We are forever grateful."



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