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Medical Patients

I am a patient being admitted for treatment of a medical illness and will remain in the hospital for care.

Step One . . .

From Your Physician’s Office

A. You will be admitted to the hospital in a few days.


Pre-Admission Testing

When you left your physician's office, he or she made you aware that hospitalization was necessary to treat your medical condition. They explained to you what your treatment would entail, and told you how long you may have to remain in the hospital. Your doctor explained to you that your medical condition was not life threatening, and that you did not have to be admitted to the hospital immediately.  The doctor may have ordered some tests to be performed before you are admitted to the hospital.  If your physician wants you to be admitted immediately to the hospital, the tests will be performed after you have gone through the admitting process and are comfortably in your room. If your doctor has instructed you to go directly to the hospital, please scroll down to Section B.

The Scheduling Department:  240-566-3400

The Scheduling Department has been established to provide one-stop-shopping for all of your scheduling needs. One phone call to the Scheduling Department will:

  • arrange ALL of your pre-admission testing and/or procedures,
  • Schedule your appointment times,
  • Identify the testing facility location that is the most convenient for you, AND;
  • Begin gathering the necessary personal information for admissions and insurance forms

Testing Locations

There are a number of locations that perform pre-admission testing for FMH. Use the links below to find a map directing you to the facility you have selected to perform your tests:

Frederick Memorial Hospital  FMH Rose Hill  Mt. Airy Health Services FMH Crestwood  FMH Urbana
 Central  North Southeast  Southwest South

If you have chosen a facility that is not affiliated with FMH to perform your pre-admission testing:

  • You MUST request that the results of your Pre-Admission Testing be faxed to the hospital before your scheduled admission date. Fax Number: 240-566-3636.
  • If you need to change your appointment times, you will have to call to cancel your own appointments, and you will have to re-schedule your preadmission testing. 

No matter where your tests have been scheduled to be performed, please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time. In those cases where no specific time has been assigned for your particular test to be performed, you may arrive at the site at your convenience.

Please be sure to bring your doctor's orders - and your insurance information - with you to your testing site.


B. You are being admitted to the hospital immediately

Your physician has explained to you that you need to have an operation performed immediately, and he wants you to go directly to the hospital. Your physician's office faxed admitting instructions to the hospital, and the staff at FMH will be waiting for your arrival. It will be helpful if you call the admissions department while you are on your way in to the hospital to tell them that you are a "direct admit" from your doctor's office. Tell them how long it will take you to get to the hospital.

Call the FMH Admissions Department at: 240-566-3800 to tell them you are being admitted to the hospital and that you are on your way in.

Upon your arrival at the hospital, go directly to the Emergency Department and tell the triage nurse that you are a "direct admit" and that admissions is expecting you.




Step Two... Arrival at the Hospital

Have your driver drop you off at the hospital's main entrance. Complimentary valet parking is available, so your driver can just drop off the car and enter the hospital with you. If your driver does not wish to use Valet Parking, the attendants may be able to tell them where parking might be available on campus.

Admitting Department

 Upon arriving at the hospital, go directly to the Admitting Department, located next to the Information Desk just off of the main lobby. There are seven registration cubicles, three private interview areas and financial counseling suites for your comfort and convenience. Admitting staff will review your paperwork and register you for admission into FMH. This process may take 15 to 30 minutes. The admitting staff will work with you to get you through the registration process as quickly as possible.

An admissions clerk explains the importance of managing personal property while an inpatient at FMH.
Patients are strongly encouraged not to bring valuables with them to the hospital. Valuable personal property
should be sent home with a family member or trusted friend. While FMH will help patients keep their personal
property safe, responsibility for safeguarding personal property lies with the a patient.

What You Should Leave at Home: Money and Valuables

Please do not bring any of the following with you to the hospital:

  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Keepsakes

We strongly recommend that you bring only a minimum amount of cash with you to the hospital, and that you leave all other valuable items at home. If it is necessary to bring valuables with you, the Cashier's Office can store smaller items in the hospital safe. When you arrive for admission, notify your admissions nurse and arrangements will be made to place your items in the safe.

FMH is not responsible for money or valuables kept in your room.

Settling into Your Room

Patients are escorted or transported directly from the Admitting Department to their rooms, where the admissions process continues at the bedside. 


Patients are:

  • interviewed by their caregiver and given assistance in documenting the personal property they have brought with them into the hospital setting. Patients are encouraged to send any valuables home with a family member or trusted friend.  Personal property is the responsibility of the patient.
  • able to change into their pajamas or hospital gown
  • made comfortable and are able to lie down in bed
  • examined and interviewed to complete a medical history
  • Many FMH physicians have agreements with the FMH Hospitalist program, so a physician who specializes in the treatment and care of hospitalized patients may perform your pre-surgical history and physical.
  • Intravenous therapies are initiated
  • medications are given
  • treatment procedures are begun

If your admission is planned, please take a look at our Preparing for a Medical Admission information. 



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