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Women's Health

fmh womens health

Women are different. Women have different healthcare issues and concerns than men. Additionally, in this day and age, women’s health issues are deeply woven into the framework of their daily life experiences. Demanding work environments, childcare concerns and the stress of everyday living can take its toll on a woman’s physical and psychological health. Too often we dismiss our own health needs to meet the needs of our loved ones. Women, throughout their life span, require different focuses on health promotion, maintenance, and restoration depending on age and health status. The Frederick community is growing in diversity and size. This draws attention to, and highlights the magnitude of how important it is to identify and address the needs of all women and their unique requirements for health and wellness.

Symptoms of medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, manifests itself differently in women. It is the leading cause of death for women in America; one out of four women will die each year due to its devastating effects. This challenges women to take charge and become educated to identify critical warning signs which are often times subtle and misdiagnosed. There are also medical conditions that exist only in women such as pregnancy, post-partum depression, ovarian cancer and menopause. These conditions require specialized care. Together with highly trained and experienced healthcare providers, Frederick Memorial Hospital and its various outpatient facilities provide services to encompass spiritual, physical, psychological, and culturally sensitive healthcare for women and their exclusive needs.

Across a woman’s lifespan, screening tests are available for early detection of acute and chronic conditions. Immunizations and preventative medical treatment are typically offered at annual health maintenance exams. This is a particularly important time to address issues you may be experiencing or concerned about as a woman. Please explore our Women’s Health web pages and discover the variety of comprehensive services FMH provides to meet your unique needs as a woman and those of your loved ones. Best of all, FMH provides specialty services so that you can stay close to home and have your healthcare needs met in the community where you live.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Women’s Health Navigator, or 240-215-1447.

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